Mad Max MWEB GameZone Review - Falling Short of Greatness

MWEB GameZone writes: "Max is an angry man. The world around him is a dystopian nightmare (albeit one that could just possibly become a reality if humanity continues its own destructive ways) and he is a man out for vengeance.
But is the game any good?
Yes, Mad Max is a good game, but it could've been a great game. No wonder Max is mad."

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schmoe1160d ago

Great pic!! Was prolly smiling like that cos he wasn't in the actual silly movie

Sillicur1160d ago

Sounds like a cool game, still needa see the movie though

plut0nash1160d ago

I love these open world games. So much fun to be had :D

MilkMan1160d ago

Why did I click on this site?

Maxor1160d ago

This game have one of the best video game endings I've seen in a long a time. It totally nailed the dark hero ending.