5 of the Best Underappreciated Licensed Video Games

BY MOSHE SWEET: These are the best licensed video games that are not Spider-Man or from the Batman: Arkham series.

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offtherecord139d ago

I had a blast with a Bugs Bunny game on PS1 as a kid. It is probably trash now but at the time, it was awesome.

purple101138d ago

"50 Cent: Blood in the sand"

Ps3 scored 6/10 all round loads of review sites but was so much fun while not a technical masterpiece in any way has a worthwhile engaging story and script and of course an unbeatable soundtrack.


Cues That Marvel's Wolverine Should Take From The X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game

As Insomniac looks to bring Marvel's Wolverine to the gaming world, developers can take inspiration from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game.

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jwillj2k4258d ago

Honorable mention to Drive Clubs Ferrari Fxx-K. Should be there over Horizon.

238d ago
TheColbertinator258d ago

The Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak from the Gran Turismo series

Nissan Skyline from Need for Speed Underground

Motorcycle Steamroller from Dead Rising 3

And finally a car you never drive but saves your ass over and over : Honey Badger from COD MW2

Gardenia257d ago

I was thinking of Mad Max. That V8 felt really good to drive around in, especially with upgrades.

dumahim257d ago

No one liked the Batmobile in Arkham Knight. Top 10?

toxic-inferno257d ago

I don't know... It was a strange addition to the game, and the parts of the game where you had to fight in it were tedious. But driving it around Gotham felt brilliant.

BrainSyphoned257d ago

FFXIII-Snow's Shiva motorcycle
Persona 5-Makoto's Persona motorcycle


Best Games Based on Movies

GF365: "These are the best games based on movies. Every entry on this list will be a great video game adaptation of popular movies."

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HeliosHex263d ago

Best game based on two movies that were never made goes to robocop vs terminator.

Owlbert263d ago

Did you play RoboCop Vs terminator... pretty sure it was on the mega drive) genisis.

HeliosHex263d ago

Yes played it on genesis for the blood. Snes had a version but I think the blood was censored not sure. I just remember genesis being the go to system for games with blood.

Owlbert263d ago

Alien isolation...ftw,it is definitely one of my top games,I played it again a few months ago ✌️