Press Play working on Xbox One Exclusive 'Project: Knoxville'

You may remember that Press Play - the Danish studio behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba - was taking a slightly different direction for its next game. Not just because it wasn't going to be a charming, magnificent platformer for once, but because the public got to vote for their favourite of three potential new titles.

The votes have now been totted up, and the winner was Project: Knoxville, an intriguing-sounding multiplayer survival-action game, set amongst the events of some grotesque, futuristic game show. Inspired by The Running Man and The Hunger Games, you'll be scavenging for weapons, fighting off AI enemies and making shaky, easily-broken alliances with your fellow human players. It sounds horrible, just the way we like it.

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Paytaa1227d ago

Sounds interesting. Definitely going to keep my eye on this. Teaser doesn't do much for me but on paper it sounds promising.

AngelicIceDiamond1227d ago

Another X1 exclusive to chalk up for next year. Can't wait to see more.

christocolus1227d ago

I also voted Knoxville. Dwarka would have been my 2nd choice. Knoxville sounds promising and I'm sure pressplay will once again create something unique.

freshslicepizza1227d ago

more diversity, just what people keep asking for.

Kalebninja1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

So glad this won over that lame dwarf game and the Nuts n Bolts clone. I will be following this game until release.

Septic1227d ago

Looks interesting. Lets see more.

StrayaKNT1227d ago

It's funny that you can kill your friends and it looks like you have to In some circumstances lol

urwifeminder1227d ago

Sweet for a minute there I thought it was another side scrolling game , the old commodore 64 certainly had them in abundance to this day i have trouble trying to play them Cuphead sure is taunting me though keen to hear more about this.

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