Reviews: Are They Guidelines or Absolute Judgments

Ethan from Gamer Pros has taken the time to analyze the problems surrounding reviewer opinion and its interpretation among many in gaming communities, as well as the purpose of reviews in general.

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OB1Biker1232d ago

'What matters is the words a reviewer types or speaks, not the number they give'
I totally agree with this. Scores are useless and even counter productive. It doesn't give any useful information except for the reviewer like the game or not. Could as well be a 'I like' or 'I don't like' at the bottom of the review.
I think reviewers need to change the way they review game or reviews will become less and less relevant since the popularity of live streams gamers can make up their own mind.
What annoys me is reviews are often like opinion pieces where the reviewer tries to push his own feeling about a game while presenting it as facts.
I wish reviews were more open minded and to read more often 'if you like this then you ll be happy but if you don't like that then the game is not for you' etc
Ultimately I think best to follow reviewers or sites you know often follow your own tastes.