The downfall of Kinect: Why Microsoft gave up on its most promising product ever

When the Kinect for Xbox 360 was first demonstrated in June 2009, it looked like the future of technology.

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user99502791135d ago

i just hope that next gen microsoft continues to support Kinect withing the UI. I will continue using mine given the option. Even a kinect lite without motion controls.

note: a headset mic is not the same thing as Kinect.

Army_of_Darkness1135d ago

Microsoft has clearly scrapped the Kinect idea and now have their heads completely up in tha cloudz ;-)

user99502791135d ago

well, as you can see:


They are still selling them in the Microsoft store and supporting the peripheral on the Xbox One! I expect that to continue into the foreseeable future, in spite of haters.

Also, if they want to keep their heads in the clouds

I think I can deal with that =P

ninsigma1135d ago

If they were to continue with kinect next gen they should just keep the new console compatible with kinect 2.0. It wouldn't make sense to have a new iterations for the camera.

BDSE1135d ago

Kinect is basically an eye toy, a really really expensive eye toy.

MeliMel1135d ago

No its not an eye toy. The specs on it alone blow away the eye toy.

DragonDDark1135d ago

I would say its an expensive and improved eye toy.

MCTJim1135d ago

Microsoft has stated there are games in the pipe for Kinect and I will await them... and if they are worth it, I will indeed purchase them.

Angeljuice1135d ago

You'd think that there would be a whole host of amazing Kinect titles out now as Xbox One was "built from the ground up around Kinect integration".

It takes at least 2 years to make a AAA game so where are all the Kinect games that were being readied for the console launch?

Shadowsteal1135d ago

They were all scrapped or converted to regular games like Ryse, or give both options like D4

chrisco84au1134d ago

I hope they continue to support Kinect, there is amazing possibilities.

But, from my experience, if they cannot get Star Wars (LIGHTSABERS!!!!!!! The PERFECT motion control idea) Right, the force is not strong for a turn around.

Continue to support, improve and innovate on it MS but never ever make it front and center for anything XBOX again.

crazychris41241135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Did have alot of fun playing the Kinect at my friends house. I could never get one because I have 7 ft ceilings in my basement so I would have to spend thousands on repairs and hospital bills after playing a game. Not going to shell out money just for voice commands, Im gonna want to play some games.

Hopefully the people that have them can get some quality games within a year.

FallenAngel19841135d ago

Kinect is a wonderful device, it just shouldn't be forced on comsumers. Sony had the right idea with making the PS Camera optional.

Bigpappy1135d ago

How is that working out?. Not saying Sony was wrong. Just that I think M$ is still in a very good position to refocus on Kinect if they find something useful to add as they were able to push out a decent number of units in that first year and people are still buying the full package.

Angeljuice1135d ago

Maybe if they supported it you would be right. As it stands they don't do anything with it so why does it matter how many are out there?

81BX1135d ago

@angel you're partially right. I got the day one xbox. I didnt mind paying the entrance fee for a kinect bundle. Now i would never buy a kinect game unless it was mind blowing, and if ms said they would develop for it then they better put something out. I have a feeling it will see some use in combination with holo lens. It also has other uses like in deadrising 3 or bf4 and forza i believe. The majority of my friends use it to navigate the xbox. Not to mention all the annoying kids going xbox record that during mp matches lol. I agree that it should be supported more with games though.

MasterCornholio1135d ago

Its working out for Sony just fine. Those that own the camera are using it to make streams which you can find countless of on YouTube. Also the device itself isnt very expensive so there's that as well. Not to mention its required for Morpheus so I can imagine plenty more will get sold due to that device.

Pretty cool to see the PlayStation camera used in conjunction with Morpheus. That in my opinion is a good way to implement a camera into core games.

kenwonobi1135d ago

Sony is perfectly planning it's camera. if it all works out with VR? This was the perfect Trojan horse to sell their camera with it. VR should have been Xbox plan from the beginning if they wanted to sell kinect as mandatory. Then at their conference explained it is mandatory because of upcoming VR tech added to it's console. Actually Sony could have forced their camera on us explaining this with Morpheus.

chrisco84au1134d ago

@Bigpappy, it is working out fine for Sony, they made it 100% optional, never forced it upon gamers and it works as advertised, it is not as advanced as Kinect but that does not matter to your point.

I bought a PS4 camera, after doing some research and I am extremely happy with it, it provides me with many optional extras I wouldn't get without it. But optional and not forced onto the consumer is the big thing.

So yeah, as an optional accessory that was never needed to be heavily marketed and was only advertised to enhance your PS4 experience without it being necessary at all to enjoy all the core, important and main features and benefits of your PS4, it's working out very peachy for Sony.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1134d ago

I don't know, the Kinect less began selling more than a year ago. At this point, we've had the Kinect less option for more time than the forced bundle only.

I'm curious about the percentage of XBone gamers that have the Kinect.

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MeliMel1135d ago

Not even that, they shouldve had multiple skus for Xbox One. Thats where they screwed up.

Paytaa1135d ago

I had zero interest in the Kinect on the 360 so I never owned a 360 Kinect. However, since I bought the Titanfall Xbox One bundle that came with Kinect even though I didn't think I'd use it, I ended up loving the extra dynamic that goes along with the system. Things like "Xbox record that" or "Xbox play Titanfall" to me is really cool. I don't think it should have been bundled in from the start but I think in the next Xbox they should incorporate the voice control within the system itself and forget about the motion controls. Would make sense since Microsoft is using Cortana in Windows 10 devices and Xbox One is getting it in the NXE update.

Angeljuice1135d ago

"Things like "Xbox record that" or "Xbox play Titanfall" to me is really cool."

I press a share button to record footage, its much faster and never gets misunderstood.

Paytaa1135d ago

I bet I can piss further than you

MeliMel1135d ago

Oh wow he has a share button. I'll send your prize in the mail.

gosukyomomma1135d ago

Not only that but i can say playstation play - and it will play whatever game i say- without the need for a camera

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