Phantasy Star Portable Import Review

PSPCrazy Staff member Tanuki headed down to a local Japanese Game shop for the launch of Phantasy Star Portable. The Thursday Phantasy star online's release just so happened to be the same as Soul Calibur IV, so the amount of people lined up was ridiculous.

Phantasy Star Portable is the second chapter in the series continuing at the end of Phantasy Star Universe for PlayStation 2. In this chapter the player is the main character in the full story mode instead of Ethan Webber from chapter one. The Guardians also appear in chapter two along with the Rogues, The Graarud Kyoudan, and other characters familiar to fans of part one.

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gano4322d ago

Can help sega get on track some. It's that they didn't destroy all their good series.

Skerj4322d ago

I was semi disappointed that they killed the city roam, now you select from a menu to where you want to go. The rest is still fun though.

gano4322d ago

Good for portable tho right.

Skerj4321d ago

Yeah I suppose it is, cuts the time down needed for travel between areas but I still miss it.

Homicide4320d ago

Pretty awesome score. Hope it's released soon here.