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Forza Motorsport 6 is the definitive sim/circuit racing experience that is accessible to all levels of racers on the current generation of consoles.

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JohnnyXeo1140d ago

Loving this one so far.

MRBIGCAT1140d ago

Great score as always. This really is the best sim racer on the market today.

Paulhammer1140d ago Show
Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1140d ago

Good to see that Turn 10 hasn't rested on it's laurels and continues to push their series forward. Sure, the weather could have been adaptive, but given how some of the early vids I have seen look, I'll be happy to race in the rain and/or night on the tracks they have set up for doing so. Can't wait.

FlexLuger1140d ago

I agree. I think the next steps for them will be to include dynamic weather and a full day/night cycle.

shloobmm31140d ago

A dynamic weather system and day night cycle are unrealistic unless you are doing a ridiculous amount of laps which 99% of people don't do. Nothing realistic about starting at 3 lap race during the day and ending at night and nothing realistic about the first lap of a race being beautiful and the 2nd lap being a monsoon just to have it clear up again on the third lap. It really just doesn't make any sense when it comes to these kinds of games unless they seriously up the default lap count.

FlexLuger1140d ago


I agree with regards to what happens during a race . Im speaking more in terms of choosing the time of day. Morning race, afternoon race..a race at dusk. That sort of thing. and intsesity of the weather. they are off to a cracking start in my books. And Everybody round here knows I a big forza guy. I have posted up some mean pics from my gallery.

shloobmm31140d ago

I do wish you could choose any weather any track at any time of day but that wouldn't be dynamic. I am excited for next Tuesday that's all i can say.

DrumBeat1140d ago

I suppose it would be nice, but it's not really necessary. In RPGs I get it, but for racers it just takes up resources better spent elsewhere, imo.

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