Fatal Frame V Physical Campaign Update

Oprainfall: "The outcry has been amazing from fans of the Fatal Frame franchise to bring the newest entry, Fatal Frame V, physically to North America. We have supported Operation Zero with their campaign to bring fans together. The petition has grown immensely since it’s inception, thank you to those who have signed it, if you haven’t please take the time to do so. We had Operation Zero on our very own Total Control Podcast to talk about their campaign and reasons why Fatal Frame V deserves a physical release."

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wheresmymonkey1229d ago

No complaints here. I'm in Europe!

PlatinumGX1229d ago

Good thing all my games are digital.

richmoral1229d ago

Wish this was physical release and on Xbox. Also wish they would release the older titles on Xbox Live at least.

wonderfulmonkeyman1229d ago

Sounds like you don't want it because it's not on your system of choice...?

richmoral1225d ago

I prefer physical over digital. Also I do recall playing some of Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly back on the original Xbox. I don't want to have to buy a Nintendo Wii U just for 1 game. Don't really care for the Wii U but would definitely pick this up it if was out for something I already own. I'd like to play it but at the same time I want to play the other games in the series too.

wonderfulmonkeyman1224d ago

You do know that owning multiple consoles is a better way to expand your library, and that any console you can find at least one good game for will likely have more once you actually look into it, right?

You're holding yourself back for no reason.
If you can afford a second console, then jump in.
It's not like a Wii U is expensive at this point anyways; you can find a refurbished one for $199.

richmoral1220d ago

Well I can't afford it and even if I could I have no interest in the Wii U. I'd rather get a PS4 as 2nd console if I was going to get a 2nd console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1220d ago

Then that means you have no business in the Wii U section, since you care nothing about its games.
If you did care about the games, you'd get the console instead of complaining about it.