Nintendo World Report: Shaun White Snowboarding Impressions

Nintendo World Report writes: "I should start by noting that the Wii version of Shaun White Snowboarding is a completely different game than its Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 counterpart. It has a different story, different controls, and different gameplay. Most notably, it lacks the "open world" structure and online integration of the other version and instead focuses on races and trick runs.

Balance Board controls are a huge part of the game, but Ubisoft is including an option to use the Wii Remote that they claim works just as well. However, I only got to play with the Balance Board, and it's obviously the more appealing method if you have the requisite hardware. There are three sensitivity levels for the Balance Board to help everyone play well, from beginners to experts. You stand on the board sideways and control it just like a real snowboard. Shifting towards your heels will turn one way, while going "toe-side" will turn the other way. You tuck in for acceleration by leaning towards the screen and slow down by leaning away. In real life, I'm a skier, not a snowboarder, but the basic elements of shifting your weight are common to both styles and definitely feel realistic in the game. I was carving up fresh tracks with ease after a minute or so of practice."

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