PS4/PC Rendering Engine “Mizuchi” by Silicon Studio Gets New Fantastic Screenshots, Will Be at TGS

You have heard in the past about Mizuchi, the impressive real time rendering engine by Silicon Studio, currently supporting PC and PS4. Today the company announced via press release that the engine will be exhibited at Tokyo Game Show, alongside the newly released engine Orochi 4 and the post-processing middleware Yebis 3.

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sammarshall1021135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

It looks like stuff we've seen before but interesting none the less

The car screenshot looks nice

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081135d ago

Wow! looks great. Can't imaging what the first-party devs can do with this mizuchi real-time rendering engine, i mean we already seen what naughty dog(uncharted), sucker punch(infamous:second son) and evolution studios(driveclub) can do with GPU computing by offload CPU onto it and not only create awesome graphics, but also do more cool things while doing it.
Looks like the game developers will be able to do some impressive stuff with this!

Maxor1135d ago

You can get graphics like this anywhere. The true test of an engine is performance.

Remember when the Fox Engine was used to render a room? Nobody cares. Now people gushes over how smooth MGS5 ran.