Oculus on Xbox One Compatibility: Content & Multiplayer

VRFocus hosts a short interview with Oculus VR founder, Palmer Luckey, discussing the Xbox One compatibility of the Oculus Rift.

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PistolsAtDawn1164d ago

" VRFocus has more coming from Luckey later this week, and will keep you updated with any further news on the Xbox One’s virtual reality solution."

donthate1164d ago

I don't think there is an announcement yet. I'm thinking as we get closer, MS/Oculus will announce a partnership for Oculus Rift to work on Xbox One.

They are already so tight knit and they are referring to this as a "partnership".

jb2271164d ago

Are there plans to ever extend the partnership into actual VR games? Sounds like it's still limited to theater mode & second screen functionality....if they do indeed form a tight partnership couldn't they release an Xbox title that utilizes actual VR? Seems like it'd be pretty easy if they just use games that were already releasing on PC & just develop it for the XBO as well. May be some Xbox gamers who don't have a great gaming PC that would like to try VR.

gamer78041164d ago

i'm not sold on VR in the slightest, but the multiplayer on different screens, not having to buy 2 devices for pc and console, and the screen for watching movies, playing games, if someone else is using tv