Why Indie Games Are Ruining PS Plus

Play: "This month's hot topic sees the Play team debate indie games and whether or not they are ruining PS Plus."

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trywizardo1163d ago

just do like I do and don't buy those shit , the only indie games I liked is on mobile and they're limbo and monument valley .

Bigpappy1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Ah, come on guys. Indies are all great games (the more the merrier). You guys convinced me of that, now you want to backout. Not going let that happen. Indies every month sounds great to me.

freshslicepizza1162d ago

indies are fine but sony shoehorning them in because they don't want to include retail games on the ps4 is not good enough imo. ask yourself what is holding back sony from releasing games like knack?

VforVideogames1162d ago

indies are not ruining ps+ IMO its what keeping sony alive 2-3 games a month for a year and for 49.99? yes we all know that the online structure sucks but all you have to do is use prepaid cards.

medman1161d ago

It's time launch titles like Killzone ShadowFall and Knack started making their way to psplus. It's been long enough.

trywizardo1161d ago

yeah , I want killzone and infamous and maybe BF4 ...

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uth111163d ago

Sony has to pay for the games it offers.

PS+ costs less than $5 a month. If you divide that by the 6 games it offers, it's less than $0.80 per game. It's even worse than that considering some of the money is used to pay for the network and what not.

So if Sony approaches an Indie and an AAA publisher offering to pay say $0.70 per user for their game, who's going to accept? The Indie who needs the exposure, or the AAA who can easily sell for many times that? Obviously the former!
The only way it's a good deal for the AAA publish is when the game is no longer selling well.

Sony will put out some big names from time to time, but for the most part, it's going to be Indies. The People who expect otherwise need to learn to be realistic or they are going to keep being disappointed.

mochachino1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I don't think that's how it works.

More likely, Sony has a certain number of annual Plus users, say 10 million to keep things simple. That's $500 mill revenue a year. From that, and subtracting other operating costs, Sony selects a budget to spend on games. If a company projects to sell X amount of games over X amount of months, Sony gives them an offer that equals or exceeds the what they'd get on the market. Or Sony gives them a really low cut from every download.

Sony sets an annual Plus games budget, and buys the rights to give away games. Indies would be cheap because their projected total sales and prices are mostly much lower. And for most games, it's like free advertising for an indie game no one has heard of. Also, the price the indie gets isn't the retail price, it's after Sony gets its cut, making them really cheap to acquire but also guarantees that the dev at least recoups the dev costs and makes some profit no matter what.

We should be getting old AAAs by now though. It wouldn't be hard to predict remaining lifetime sales games like AC Unity, BF4, Shadow of Mordor, etc that sell a couple thousand a week at a highly discounted price. There are a lot of games that would be cheap for Sony to acquire for Plus.

I'd love to know Sony's Plus games budget, and see a breakdown of Plus's revenues and expenses. No way the annual games budget is more than 60 mill, that should mean a lot of profit for Sony, increasing exponentially with an increase in the number of plus users, and about 5 million a month to spend on games.

uth111163d ago

I'm sure internally Sony & publishers deal with lump sum figures, and they'll pay more for some games than others. They made two separate offers for Rocket League for instance because they really wanted it on PS+

I just broke it down to per/user pricing because it's easier for people to comprehend the relatively small sums available to get games on PS+. It's going to be mostly indies with the occasional larger title, there's no way around that, unless they cut the number of games offered and/or raised the price.

rainslacker1161d ago

Probably more that Sony goes to a dev/pub and says, we'll pay you this much to put your game up on PS+ this month. Publisher accepts because it's more than they're likely to make otherwise(in the case of indies) and they get tons of exposure.

For other games, such as we had on the PS3, pubishers probably approached Sony in order to promote another game in a series, or to try and make money off of DLC, as there would be a sudden surge in active users for the game. This usually happened after these publishers pushed a sale on the game, or the game was past it's selling prime.

The reason we don't see many AAA games right now is due to the fact that most are likely still selling due to the PS4 sales, and it not even being 2 years since the release of the console. Those launch games are still priced pretty high at retail which means there is still demand for them.

I do believe that it's time for Sony to start offering up some AAA games, even if 1st party. Some of the indie games have been great, but over the holidays, people are going to be looking at whether or not to renew their subscription.

For me, I will because they still offer decent Vita/PSP/PS3 titles on there, but for the PS4 only user, I'm not sure many would consider the selection worthwhile, and if they don't care about MP, then there is no real reason to continue paying for there aren't even that many PS4 games released on it worth keeping a sub for.

the-dragons-bane1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

The IGC has really gone downhill :/ it's almost laughable how bad it's become.

22CobraKing1162d ago

In a way it kind of is since we have gotten a lot of indies but most are great games I rather play.

fermcr1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

It's not worth it purchasing indies for the PS4. Sooner or later they will be "offered" with PS+.
Feel sorry for those indie developers but they made their deals with Sony (not paying twice for the same game). I hope at least they are getting reasonably paid by Sony.

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