Ant Simulator is bigger than you think

MWEB GameZone writes: "Ant Simulator is a first person colony management and survival game that worthy of your attention. Here is why Ant Simulator is bigger than you think and should not be overlooked just because of its 'Simulator' name."

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DesVader1163d ago

Nifty idea - I think it would find appeal considering people like having an ant farm. This is one you can actually control.

Sillicur1163d ago

I wanted an ant farm when i grew up, this will do nicely though :)

HanCilliers1163d ago

I guess the mechanics in building and running an Ant nest could be good for a strategy/survival type game. Just hope the gameplay & visuals look better.

Sillicur1163d ago

Agreed. The game looks better with every update they are doing, slowly adding additional graphical effects. I think it should look really nice when its done

MegaRay1163d ago

What next? Bird simulation?

I am interested in a Drago simulation personally.

Sillicur1163d ago

Ah like a dragon simulator? could be fun :) I want to play and live my life as a housecat tbh

plut0nash1163d ago

Goat Simulator really started the trend.

schmoe1163d ago

and shower with dad should have ended it.....

Sillicur1163d ago

It broke the interwebs :(

WeAreLegion1163d ago

I wouldn't say that. Goat Simulator was just one of the bigger joke simulators, like Surgeon Simulator or I Am Bread. Ant Simulator seems to be a legitimate simulator, like Euro Truck Simulator or even Flight Simulator.

sangoku_d1163d ago

guess nobody remembers simant. what happened to the word 'simulator' it used to mean something.

Sillicur1163d ago

Cant agree more, simulators used to be kinda fun for me actually

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