MGS 5 Uncommon Tips – Make your Gameplay Faster and Simpler

Check out a list of uncommon tips for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

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Dancryer1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Good tips I suppose, Didn't realize you could do that with the water gun :)

pyroxxx1140d ago

that is actually really useful actually

ChipChipperson1139d ago

Here's one, one that I'm surprised is still in this game because you could do it in Peace Walker, which made some of those vehicle side ops much easier to do solo. If you want to conserve your tranquilizer pistol's ammo and suppressor early on in a mission, just hold up enemies and tell them to get down. They'll stay that way indefinitely, unless approached by another soldier telling them to get up or if you trigger an alert.

Waddy1011139d ago

I agree with everything apart from the point on night-time, the way the game is designed if you keep doing missions during the night-time the enemies just start wearing NVGs which defeats the purpose of it being at night.

You should just do missions at the time you come across them

ChronoJoe1139d ago

These are pretty poor tips, most of them will only get you an A ranking or below.

Airstriking a base to death kind of defeats the point of the game. You literally get no gameplay value out of that. No stealth opportunities, and no action. And of course, just using the Airstrike once limits your ranking which affects your GMP yield for the mission. While at the same time, killing the enemies is a waste of resources that you could have extracted for mother base.

WitWolfy1139d ago

Ewch air strike costs like 9000 points. Only did it once... In like mission 7 or something, plus you cant ALWAYS use it.