PCZone: FlatOut Ultimate Carnage PC Review

PCZone writes: "We'll forgive the creators of this game for bringing this to PC nine months after releasing it on console, because this smash-'em-up racer is enormous amounts of fun. FlatOut Ultimate Carnage continues the series' unpretentious arcade racing and has you competing against 11 other drivers in urban and countryside environments so hillbilly, you half expect Boss Hogg to go "Kyuk kyuk" and chase you, while playing a banjo.

FlatOut's major selling point is its OTT physics in the environments, that add to the excitement during races as you career into exploding petrol stations, smash through glass shop windows, skid into picket fences and send rubber tyres bouncing all over the track. Of course the physics also apply to the cars, and you get a bonus nitro boost the more damage and chaos you cause to other vehicles, encouraging you to flip, crash and wreck your opponents at high speed. The exhilarating effect of this wild destruction is such that you wonder why every other racing game doesn't do it."

+Destructive racing
+Hugely replayable
+Great minigames

-Occasionally wonky physics
-"Catch-up" AI annoyance

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