Time for More AAA Games to Follow Until Dawn's Lead

Until Dawn's butterfly effect is a pretty interesting concept. Though choices in games has been around for a while now, Until Dawn may do it best. Though it isn't the greatest game around, it has elements that could make great games even better. Imagine future AAA titles implementing a ton of choices like Until Dawn does. There has been other games that adapts to the choices one make, but not at the level Until Dawn has done, and it could fair well for more studios to try to work such an option into their bigger titles.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1138d ago

I want multicoroled explosions instead. ME3 revolutionazied choices in video games with those colorful explosions

psplova1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I'd like to see games like Until Dawn have multiple different, and drastically different, ways they end (similar to the game Clue for instance). From what I hear this one ends pretty much the same everytime except with different survivors. I was lead to believe it had nine distinctly 'different' endings.

Thatguy-3101138d ago

Take inspiration from cabin in the woods and make drastic changes that different players would encounter.

b3ast1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

My second play through had a clip at the end my first play through didn't, so something different can happen.

psplova1138d ago

Interesting.. I've only have heard that they're all the same with different survivors. Good to know, regardless.

b3ast1138d ago

Hint** a specific person has to survive.

JMaine5181138d ago

Just beat it today. Absolutely amazing game. Loved it.

IamTylerDurden11138d ago

Phenomenal game, does it count as part of the "fall lineup"?

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The story is too old to be commented.