The Bourne Conspiracy 2 Was In Development

Radical Entertainment has already started development on a new Bourne game entitled The Bourne Conspiracy 2: Treadstone.

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Mikelarry3825d ago

was an ok movie based game but was too short, if they can improve on the formular they had with the the first one i think it would be a great game.

Forbidden_Darkness3825d ago

Demo was boring and repetative. I never bought it and nor am i going to buy this one. Why not make a different game, instead of wasting your time making crap?

morganfell3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

The game was worthless for a wide variety of reason. It was linear beyond reason. This isn't damning if occurrences within the linear design allow a degree of replayability. Bourne does not.

The fighting system was moronic. Kick and punch. But the AI were capable of combinations the player was not. So much for Bourne being a badass. Rule number one in AI construction mr dumbass designer. Never let the AI do something the player can't just to increase the difficulty. It is a cheap mechanic and reeks of the inability to innovate.

I also enjoyed shooting at AI that were behind 3 foot rows of boxes that a very acrobatic Bourne was not able to cross. Thanks for ruining the possibility of another game. The list of issues with this moronic title is endless.

Caxtus7503825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

what is with the past tense title?

EDIT: Ok I read the article. It makes sense but the N4G summary is misleading. Add some more.