Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Ships Over Three Million Copies Worldwide, Matches MGS4

A Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ad has appeared on several Japanese websites, publicizing the fact that the game has shipped over three million copies worldwide, matching the number of initial shipments of its numbered predecessor.

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Horyzon1136d ago

Not that impressive compared to MGS4, and it was only on PS3.

Abriael1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

It's exactly the same day one shipments. I would say that's pretty impressive.

triple_c1136d ago


Yea but MGS4 was only on the PS3. MGS5 is on the PS4 and Xbox One. 3 million shipments is good, yes. But it's not as impressive as MGS4 was at launch since MGS4 was only on 1 platform and MGS5 is on 2. That's what he's trying to say.

Abriael1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

@triplec: I get it, but with big franchises it's not unheard of for initial shipments to remain the same or similar, regardless of the number of platforms, as the fanbase is pretty much established.

Initial shipments are pretty much what the publisher expects to sell in the first week, plus a buffer.

SprigganN4G1136d ago

MGS5 TPP is on FIVE platforms... MGS4 was a PS3 exclusive.

FullmetalRoyale1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I don't mean to be argumentative, but your reply saying "you get it" seems to contradict your statement of how you find shipping the same number as before impressive. I'm curious as to what your honest opinion is, as that comes off a bit like you're trying to say the correct thing.
Your mentioning of how companies often ship similar numbers as previous entries makes sense(though in this instance seems really low considering the number of platforms). But again it contradicts you saying it's pretty impressive.


MetalGear811136d ago

And it's also on PS3 and Xbox 360

thehitman13981136d ago

How so? When mgs4 only shipped for one platform but mgs5 ships 5 platforms and only matches the same numbers. To me that's rly rly bad

CrazedFiend1136d ago

This comment was made by Carl on the DualShockers site and not by me, but it says exactly 100% what I wanted to say and so I think it deserves to be re-posted here.

Thanks Carl.


I am sorry for the end of the epic Metal Gear saga. I 'd love to see the old games (Metal Gear, MG2, Metal Gear Solid 12/3/4/Peace Walker) being remade with the Fox Engine, in a "Definitive Edition", but sadly it's out of the question now.

Konami can rot for all I care, but I am worried about the company butchering its IPs with pachinko slots and mobile [email protected] games.

As for the legendary Hideo Kojima, it's time for him to move on and do whatever he wants. I hope he can re-establish his Kojima Productions studio, independent from corporations. I really hope to see more publicity extravaganzas from him, more crazy ideas, more great games, more of his personality!

PS: Konami, please don't bother making new Metal Gear games without Kojima. It's gonna be pure sh!t, look at what you have done to the Silent Hill and Castlevania series. At least don't treat Metal Gear like this and let it be.

scientificreasoning1136d ago

Digital was not a thing with MGS4...It is with MGS 5, I got it digitally as did 3 of my friends. add at least 15 % to that total.

mechlord1136d ago

Shipments aside, i wager a good 1mil between consoles bought digital

XBLSkull1136d ago

I agree it's pretty sad, 4 was on PS3, 5 is on 5 platforms. Either poor sales or the PS3 community has shattered in many directions.

Griever1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


You always seem to find ways to spell doom for Playstation and its games, dont you? The majority of the sales are still for the Playstation platforms and PS4. It is the Xbox gamers that are not much interested in anything other than shooters and racers. Name a AAA shooter or a racer and they suddenly start jumping in joy and buy in droves. Name a game from any other genre or with a lower budget and the reaction is "meh." Hence there is no increase in the MGSV shipments despite being multiplatform. How about you guys play something other than Halo, Gears and Forza once in a while and contribute in the sales?

christian hour1135d ago

MGS has always been a somewhat niche title (though very popular in my own circle, niche knights aaaassembbbblllle!) but I figured the radical new approach to gameplay and an open world would broaden its audience, I'm sure it will no doubt surpass mgs4 in overall sales.

A lot of people could be waiting to get it as a xmas present too, and it also helps to factor in MGS4 released in June 2008, which tends to be a decent sales period and a lot of people (myself included) were still waiting on some incredible exclusives to come to ps3 (it was a slow first year in europe as I recall, and I was the only person I knew with one the entire gen, I had to loan it to all my friends to let em play mgs4 XD ) so it sold exceptionally well, not having much wallet space to compete for and relieving people from having to complete uncharted for the millionth time (not that we were complaining)

Regardless, last hurrah for Kojima's metalGear has been incredible. Taking my time, just on mission 21 and cleaning up the side ops/just got my first FOB :)

andibandit1135d ago

Add in the fact that MGS4 released in mid june(yes in the middle of summerdrought)
While MGS5 released in september.

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Omar911136d ago

That's shipped not sold. I say that's pretty impressive

FullmetalRoyale1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Now if you switched shipped and sold, then you'd have something. This game is incredible, and I find the fact that it didn't immediately ship at least double, a little odd. It's on a lot more platforms, and it seems like they would ship more than MGS4.

skwidd1136d ago

You couldn't download MGS4 so there's that.

And there's PC users who don't buy their games.

Then there's the Konami controversy.. Did people decide they won't give them their money?

Grap1136d ago

We dont buy our games???
Did you pull that from your a$$?
Cause the game not yet cracked + tge witcher 3 sold nearly 2m on pc

Seafort1136d ago

LOL you console fanboys!

MGS5 is #1 selling game on steam atm but yes we don't buy any fking games whatsoever on PC even though I'm playing the definitive version of MGS5 on PC right now :)

Krakin11136d ago

Get out of here with that crap. I bought my copy off steam legit like. Don't lump everyone together.

Agheil1136d ago

I'm not a PC gamer but that's was a pretty ignorant statement brother.

shmowboyfebop1136d ago

I don't think he meant to generalize PC gamers like that. He just meant that sub set.

Lukejrl1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

He did not use the definitive preface with word "the"

He said " and there's pc users who don't buy their games" he did not say: "the pc gamers don't buy their games"

His statement does not in anyway mean all pc gamers who don't buy their games. I see why you could take it that way but he was simply making a statement that you can not count the lost sales to piracy. He mentions pc users cause they use the system that is easiest to pirate.

people need to stop assuming the worst of people, and people also need to start reading more. because we are now expecting everything to be spelled out so clearly so we do not have to take the time to infer what is really being said.

CrazedFiend1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Yeah, I don't think he's saying that PC gamers don't buy games, I think he's saying that you have to add the ones that don't pay into the equation as well. As much high as Steam numbers are, I would say that it's a pretty safe bet that the number of people who have the game on their computers is probably even more.

FlameBaitGod1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


Btw those numbers are players playing simultaneously

EDIT: I find it funny how he doesn't include people who share accounts on Xbox and Playstation to download games for free with friends but only mentions PC gamers lol, hypocryt ^_^

skwidd1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Haha! Omg! What a touchy bunch!

Yea, I didn't mean "all PC gamers". Relax guys, I didn't realize I was part of a war.

Thanks to those that clarified! :)

Scatpants1136d ago

You would have to be a moron to not know that a large amount of PC gamers pirate games.

christian hour1135d ago

all skwidd said was,

"there's PC users who don't buy their games."

Now if you read that, it's clearly not a generalisation. He just said, there are pc user's who don't buy games. That shouldn't offend you as a pc gamer, because he didn't say "PC user's don't buy games". See the difference? One is an observation (minus detail) and the other is an outlandish generalisation. So i say Relax, to those who got offended, yr picking fights on the internet, ya okay man? I'm here if you wanna talk bout shi...

On a side note, the one's who do pirate the game probably couldn't afford to buy it anyway so it really doesn't effect sales all that much (bar the 0.0001% of assholes who can afford everything but choose to be pirating jerks anyway cos they are, after all, the centre of the universe)

All skwidd do was raise 3 points that definitely are hindering sales slightly. And you all ignored that and just saw what you wanted to see. Good job. His last point is a good discussion point. I know 2 people who aren't buying it because #FucKonami and I know one stubborn guy who wont buy it because there's no Hayter.

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-Foxtrot1136d ago

Yeah that's funny to see

Great game...personally I only have one huge flaw which bugs the shit out of me but other than that it's fantastic

However despite not being open world I still loved MGS4.

Omar911136d ago

What's your negative of the game? Just curious

-Foxtrot1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I god damn hate the fact the fast travel is so slow

You get a Helicopter to pick you up, you have to wait for it to come or travel to an extraction point. Then, unlike when you are in the Mother Base you can't press Square to take you to another location meaning you have to go back in the air then select your mission again to where you want to land....then wait to actually get there.

The cardboard cargo fast travel is roughly the same, you have to get to one of them, sneak in and wait a little.

I wouldn't mind if there was a load of fast vehicles but at the minute I just want a standard fast travel to the extraction points.

Such a small thing I know but with how big the map is it's bugging the shit out of me.

Genuine-User1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


There's an easier way to fast travel. Bring up the pause menu and select 'RETURN TO ACC', this option will take you straight to your helicopter.

-Foxtrot1136d ago


I'm doing that currently but it still annoys me. It's like I have to go through two loading screens and then I have to wait as the helicopter flies to the location before I can actually get out of it

When you are doing the easy side ops missions it gets tedious

Genuine-User1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )


I understand your frustration. Fast travel is the only mechanical part of MGSV that doesn't feel fleshed out for modern usability.

SourtreeDing1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

MGS4 is one of the best games i played....

im only on Chapter 10 on MGS5 does it get way better? because right now it just feels like the same shit...

i find Sanke a way better charcater then Big boss... this takes place before MGS4?

Kalebninja1136d ago

I hate fast travel in games as it makes getting around the world too easy. The fact they made fast travel a process was great imo.

-Foxtrot1136d ago


But you don't have to use's just there for people who are sick of travelling around the map

I wouldn't mind if the map was like Elderscrolls or something when there is a lot to look at and explore but it's mostly just desserts with outposts scattered around.

scientificreasoning1136d ago

@SOURTRE...MGS4 was the worst of the far. The moment to moment gameplay in Phantom Pain is amazing, might be one of the best ever. The story picks up in Chapter 2, but this is a game and gameplay is important. It's gameplay craps all over MGS 4 , in fact most games period. Nothing is the SAME, you have so many options and things can play out so different each time.

Scatpants1136d ago

You are aware that if you get the little sheet off of the triangle shaped signs at outposts you can then get in your box and mail yourself to any other location you have sheets for, right? It's the fastest way to fast travel, no helicopter involved.

-Foxtrot1136d ago


I've already mentioned that

It's still slow, the fact you have to get to one of them and then do it. Just let me capture an outpost and quickly travel to it....there's no harm in it

It's the reason why I'm going slower at this then any other game...because I spend most my time time walking around and it bores me

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DivineAssault 1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

We're talking about japan here. They dont buy anything for xbox so it is really impressive. The install base and copies shipped match up pretty well for japan

Krakin11136d ago

It says worldwide shipments

DivineAssault 1135d ago

how the hell does japan know what the whole world shipments are before anyone else? I doubt these numbers are correct

TheHaloGuy1136d ago

Uhhhhh it's on the Dreamcast as well. All hail Dreamcast!

Papafynn1136d ago

In the age of digital distribution physical copies as much as they use to. Almost every copy of the PC version of MGS V sold will be digital and through Steam. Take a look at Ubisoft's last financial call, 56% of all game sales were digital. So 3 million first week shipped in a digital age is fantastic

WitWolfy1136d ago

Agreed, plus if you remember correctly the PS3 wasnt even selling that hot back then to begin with either thanks to the steep price tag they gave it.

Inzo1136d ago

MGS4 played a huge part in the momentum shifting to the PS3 and to this day is still one of the greatest games to have been released on any platform. BTW that ending was sublime.

christian hour1135d ago

Yup, mgs4 came out in june when all we really had since launch in europe was Uncharted (im talking exclusives here, i had 360 for my 3rd parties at the time, if anyone remembers those early 3rd party ps3 versions were horrible until devs got to grips with CELL)

I also mostly bought a ps3 for MGS4 (uncharted took me by surprise!) as I'm sure a lot of people did, plus we didn't have smart phones to shove up our bums all day either so nothing was competing for our time :)

snake-OO1135d ago

You can't compare it to ps3. Different times have different people. just like a friend of mine who back then bought mgs4 day 1 but this time decided to wait till he gets a ps4 before getting mgs5 . I could be same with a lot of people.
But also all released numbers have been for retail version, is anyone counting digital? if you remember, mgs4 never got released digitally back in 2008.

christian hour1135d ago

Your friend is the same person, back then he happened to have his ps3 when mgs4 came out, this time he just doesn't have a ps4 at a Metal Gears time of release, it tells me he's still the same person because he clearly refuses to experience an MGS game outside of the playstation platform it was born on (im talking MGS, not MG on NES). If he was a different person, he'd have bought it day one on x360 :P

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DragonDDark1136d ago

Cool but i dunno. I just finished the game and i prefer MGS4 more.
Don't get me wrong, the game is awesome but in terms of story... It was lacking. (Don't tell me MGS series isn't about the story now!)

Dario_DC1136d ago

I've finished it too and I don't think it's lacking in story.
The difference is that the story "small details" are in the tapes and the "main part" is in the cutscenes, while in MGS4 everything is in the cutscenes. I wished they've done it all in the cutscenes, like in MGS4, to make the story feel more "alive".
IMO the tapes felt lazy since the beginning...

WitWolfy1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I've been saying this since day one but everybody shot me down every time I brought it up.

Take away the hours of sneaking through the same bases and capturing what feels like the same generals and MGS V probably has less than 7 hours of story behind its belt. (plus whats up with building the mother base in real time?!?!? Padding at its best.)

No offence, but I cant see where the $80 000 000 went towards making this game. The Witcher costed a 1/4 of what MGS V did and had a 100 times more content and story than this...

Sorry Kojima, but its true... MGS 4 is a way better game when it comes to pacing and narrative. Lots of times in MGS V you'll get to an awesome part of the game, then have to do like 3 to 5 other small "Capture the general" missions before you can continue with the story again.

Whose bright idea was that?!?!

_-EDMIX-_1135d ago

@Wit...MGSV isn't an RPG, not sure why your comparing play times with an RPG as if that means something LMFAO!

I guess Witcher 3 is trash because Fallout 4 has over 400 hours of, it must be trash then bro /s

Haru1136d ago

I totally agree the story is really lacking also the long cutscene that defines the serie are missing from this game, I personaly like MGS4 more but that's just my opinion

DragonDDark1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Same here.

It's not about the voice actor at all. Kiefer did a good job with his lines. But he just didn't have many.
The endind didn't have any closure =(
And it's the final chapter

-Foxtrot1136d ago

It bugs me that in the story Snake dosen't talk much

They got Kiefer Sutherland to replace David Hayter yet it felt they hardly used him. None of those long, deep heart to heart conversations Big Boss would talk about, just a few sentences while the character you are with did most of the talking

They could have gotten David Hayter to be honest

It felt like he wanted to have us feel like we were know that excuse developers use for completely mute characters despite the fact Snake has been a well established character for years...he has a personality and it's not us.

Dario_DC1136d ago

Snake actually talks quite a bit... In the freaking TAPES! Those tapes are so lazy IMO.

-Foxtrot1136d ago

Backs up my point though

Kojima said it was because he wanted someone who could act and showing Snakes emotion better but most of his talking comes from could Hayter not do that

WitWolfy1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

According to rumors they dropped Hayter for the lack of motion capture experience among other things like his voice not being up to scratch anymore. Which is total BS IMO!!!

Agree a 100% with you!

Heck, feels like the whole cast came back for MGS V EXCEPT Hayter...

But I have to agree with you. Sutherland almost never says anything.. The most I've ever heard him talk is when he was on his horse!

Don't get me wrong MGS V isnt a crap game.. But it alienated most of us long time fans with its shortcut narrative style..

We dont want exposition. SHOW, DONT TELL!!

Krakin11136d ago

In MGS V, gameplay is king.

Lennoxb631136d ago

I've always been the type to care more about gameplay. If the gameplay is great, and the story is bad, I could care less about the story.

CrazedFiend1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

This is Metal Gear though.
When has story NOT been front and center? The story has been what defined the series and made it such a cult hit.

Scatpants1136d ago

The story in Metal gear games has always been a nonsensical quagmire anyway.

Scatpants1136d ago

I felt that the levels in MGS4 were sort of small.

Heavenly King1135d ago

IF you played Peace Walker you should have known what you were getting into. This game is basically Peace Walker on Steroids.

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Genuine-User1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I hope it goes on to sell 5+ million copies. What a game!

LOL_WUT1136d ago

Now you're exaggerating this game doesn't deserve all that praise imo ;)