Assetto Corsa: Glickenhaus SCG003 teased in new screens

Kunos Simulazioni have officially confirmed the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 will be part of the upcoming DreamPack Vol. 2 for Assetto Corsa.

They have shared three new screenshots of the beastly car which should be making its way to the racing simulation along with a selection of other equally impressive cars very shortly.

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IamTylerDurden11139d ago

Looks decent, they better get this to console early 2016, GT7 in late 2016 will swallow worlds. I applaud 505 for releasing a real AAA racer, i enjoy seeing smaller publishers do well ie Home Focus, Nordic, or even Deep Silver. Big fan of those 3.

ONESHOTV21139d ago

assetto corsa has nothing to worry about people didn't buy the game for the amount of cars or what you can customize. people like me bought it for the accurate tracks and the physics that can not be match buy any console sim that's coming out. btw how do you know GT7 is coming out in 2016. i do have gt5 and 6 for the ps3 and i don't see them changing any thing to make it in to a full sim it will always be a simcade.

IamTylerDurden11139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Yep, 1st Driveclub is an archade racer a la NFS and now GT is an archade racer, they're both just like NFS. So, is forza a hard sim?

Driveclub is a little of both, GT is a sim, and i suppose Assetto Corsa is a hard sim. I know pc sim racing enthusiasts like to consider 99% of racers as archade racers, but there are different levels of sim.

I wouldn't be surprised if you don't consider P Cars a sim.

I know ppl enjoy the realistic physics in AC (bc realistic always = fun) but how do ppl feel about the mediocre grfx? Jus sayin, it's not god's gift to racers.

And yes, if AC and GT7 released at the same time on console AC would get swallowed.

ONESHOTV21139d ago

mediocre grfx lol i guess you have not played assetto corsa yet stop watching youtube videos it not helping the game in any way btw forza and the GT series fall in the same category and they will always be labeled as simcades but does that mean i don't play them no i like games like those. need for speed shift project cars are games i enjoy but they still can not hold a candle to asseto corsa when it come to being a simulator. when it come to ps4 and xone give it a try i'm sure you will take back what ever bad thing you said about the game.

urwifeminder1139d ago

My version stopped working lol even after reinstall so annoying but not uncommon from what I have read on the forums.

SniperControl1139d ago

Yep, same here, as soon as i installed w10.

Revvin1139d ago

Working fine here on Windows 10

urwifeminder1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Just managed to start it had it on win 7 comparability and switched it back to 10 also changed admin not sure what worked as I had tried these before.

level 3601139d ago

This will be coming to PS4/XBox ONE 2016.

IamTylerDurden11139d ago

You are correct, Assetto Corsa is coming to PS4 and xbone 2016. Why the disagrees?