Just Cause 2: that rare open-world game where you aren't comically miscast

D.B. Cooper: not his real name. Not even his real fake name, which was Dan Cooper up until the point that the news media mangled it. Cooper's claim to fame - and it is not inconsiderable - is that in 1971 he boarded a commercial jet bound for Seattle, told the cabin crew he had a bomb in his briefcase, and successfully extorted $200,000 from the airline. That's over a million in today's money. Landing at Seattle he collected the cash and four parachutes he had asked for, let the passengers go, and asked the pilots to spin the engines up again and point the plane back the way it came. Half an hour later, he jumped out and has never being heard from since.

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crazychris41241142d ago

Day 1 for Just Cause 3. Hopefully we get the multiplayer mod soon after release.

addictedtochaos1141d ago

PC likely, not sure how soon though. Sadly, the developer stated that console will remain single player. Which is a shame, a game like this would be blast to play co-op with friends.

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icerob1141d ago

single player only??? really??

crazychris41241141d ago

Not on PC, were getting a multiplayer mod. Avalanche worked with the modders behind the last games multiplayer

iNFAMOUZ11141d ago

why do games suck so much, seriously now a days they are all boring

TeamLeaptrade1141d ago

I can't wait for Just cause 3. Just Cause 2 was a blast to play and I may one day revisit it before I get into Just Cause 3.