In Case You Missed It - Binary Domain

A look at this under appreciated cover shooter from 2012.

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NewMonday1138d ago

the story was good, the action was fun

problems were outdated rigid movement and limited environment interaction, almost no object physics.

Ultr1138d ago

I think they way it played was kind of fresh. But it did feel strange when you first started playing
The Character developement was awesome

davemyrose921138d ago

This was definitely an underrated gem, I've played this thru twice and was surprised on how good it was,, had a slow start but reallyyyy picks up and towards the end!!!

LoveSpuds1138d ago

I agree, it did feel a little stilted in respect of contols but once you got used to it this game was a blast. Good old fashioned, daft, ott Japanese action game. I feel a special mention should go to the robot with a great comedy French accent :)

davemyrose921137d ago

Ohh yea loved the robot, actually the character development in this game was surprisingly good for this genre, also this game has some really great to boss battles!!!

Ultr1137d ago

uuuh just remembered the highway :D

shloobmm31137d ago

This is a criminally underated game. It was fantastic game with satisfying gunplay.

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