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"Yellow-white salt wastes stretch a thousand miles in every direction. The only signs of civilization among the dunes are pockmarks of ramshackle scarecrows with oil fire apexes and the trailing dust plumes of rust-razor buggies. One such vehicle stands apart, piloted by a legend of the desert. He tears through a rival rider's lifeline in the parched pavement. It's nothing personal, but he needs 600 scrap to afford the harpoon launcher that will let him pass into the scorched ebon around Gastown, where his true prize awaits."

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1nsomniac1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Again with a reviewer that cannot fathom how in a destroyed apocalyptic world where any old scrap is used to build cars. Simply cannot understand why the cars don't have power steering. Lol it really shouldn't be that hard for them to put 2 & 2 together to understand what design decisions were made.

Is it me or are people just getting stupider. 1 gaming review site claimed it was inexcusable to have a game that focused so much on driving but didn't even have a handbrake. Despite the fact he could of just took 2 seconds & looked in the button setting & seen there is a handbrake button.

Some inexcusably shoddy journalism & game reviewing I say. Sounds like many haven't even played it over the first couple of hours, if even at all. It's a great game & the truest crossover from any movie-game I have ever come across. Some of these reviews are just mindless stupidity. Haven't even gotten started on MGS yet. That's yet to come.

Somebody1140d ago

Agreed. I don't see the problem with Mad Max's story progression locked behind some scraps because that forces players to explore the world even more. In The Witcher 3 I went hunting for side quests and exploring the game world before I even have any interest with the main storyline. Plus, you can upgrade strongholds to accelerate the automated collection of scraps. That's better than some games that inexplicably asked for your actual credit card number to have access to certain items.

Most reviewers find it mediocre while most gamers find it great. This is a very weird, mad if you will, situation, indeed.

Afreelunch1140d ago

Agreed. I've been having a blast with this game,and Mad Max has been one of my favorite stories since I was young.

For anyone on the fence:

It's not a "movie game," but it takes place in the same universe as the films and contains some locations and references that will be familiar to fans. For my experience, the mission structure and side quests are not any more repetitive than, say, Far Cry 4. Combat is simple but not easily mastered. Cars are loud and fun to drive. Map is huge, fast travel is an option. Enemy vehicles are drivable and collectible on top of the vast array of options for your personal car, and yes, once you complete the game, you get to drive the Pursuit Special as it appears in Road Warrior and Fury Road.

Pintheshadows1140d ago

I am getting the impression that a lot of reviewers rushed through it due to MGSV. And overlooked as an obstacle to playing that. Which is a shame.

Mad Max is great fun.

CDzNutts1140d ago

So then what do you consider valid reasons NOT to like this game?

objdadon1139d ago

There are no valid reasons unless you don't like the violence.

1nsomniac1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

When valid reasons are used I'll always consider it. The driving is obviously like that for a reason & needs to be like that. The "1 scrap" issue only lasts for about the first hour of the game & so it should or you would level up too quick from purchasing upgrades. It's common sense. After that point you can pick off the many other cars driving around for 10 scrap then you have the scrap perks that you pick up early that offers bonus scrap on each pickup & scrap trucks that offer hundreds.

It's fairly & unashamedly blatant that the reviewer didn't play past the first hour or 2 at very most. Which is disgusting to then give it a final review score on an open world game of this size.

I played for 12 hours before I realized that I had only completed 3 story missions & I was completely oblivious. I don't think I've done that in any other game I've ever played not even the GTA or Witcher series. Now I'm not about to say it's better than those series but it certainly stands up against them.

I'm now 14 hours in & only 18% complete. Loving every minute of it.

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objdadon1140d ago

I don't know what to say about reviewers or game journalists anymore. All hope is lost. By the way, mad max is a hell of a game!

aPerson1140d ago

I have never disagreed more with reviews than with this game and it seems like most gamers agree (look at the Steam ratings!) The story isn't compelling and the gameplay can be repetitive, but if you are a fan of Mad Max or open world post-apocalyptic RPGs, I highly recommend experiencing this game for yourself. Ignore the reviews for this one.

urwifeminder1140d ago

Just like the new movie again ha ha Mad Charleze .

Psychotica1140d ago

A very fun game though at times it seems a little shallow in comparison to games like Far Cry 4.

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