Metal Gear Solid: Memories

Metal Gear Solid provides a number of memorable moments throughout the series. In this feature, Luke Lohr of Xbox Enthusiast reflects on those that impacted him most.

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RJ920091165d ago

I love me some mgs 3 still my fave! I love fives gameplay I dislike a lot about it tho. It left me wanting more... the story was not what I thought it be at all its a great game but to me the mgs1 through 4 had way better story's.. I'm sure many people with disagree with me. I feel like it's half a game that the true mgs v is a legend that we will never get to play :(

SEGAKIDD1165d ago

5 is my least favorite, story, cutscenes, boring cast, you don't play as BB, side missions, same mission locations with boring mission objectives, and two dull boring worlds to explore.

The gameplay in the previous installments are great, this didn't need a new engine. If Kojima wanted gameplay instead on focusing story, dialogue, iconic casts, the stuff that made MGS great, then this definitely fell short.

Instead of great cinematic cutscenes we get tape, hours and hours of boring tape. How this gets a 10/10 shows the popular sites get paid good money, anything higher than a 7 and your desperately convincing yourself it's that good.

I'm a big fan of MGS like the next fella but to call this MGS is blasphemy, and the ending sucks.