Performance Analysis: Mad Max

Digital Foundry:
Instead, it falls to the PC game to potentially bring about some dramatic differences. Initial impressions are positive, revealing that 1080p60 is definitely on the cards at maximum settings without requiring the latest cutting-edge GPUs. Tantalisingly, this also opens up the possibility of gameplay at ultra high resolutions beyond the current full-HD standard seen on console - something we'll be investigating in the final Face-Off.

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vikingland11140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

It looks like Avalanche studios did a great job on both consoles. XB1 runs slighty better. Gamers on both consoles should be happy.

NewMonday1140d ago

"good enough" seems to have been the policy of Avalanche while making this game

this only means Avalanche did a minimal job and did not bring gamers their moneys worth, should be lots of untapped graphical power on the PS4. based on the reviews Avalanche were also minimal on game design. saving their efforts for Just Cause 3 .

that's just not "good enough" for a great IP like Mad Max.

vikingland11140d ago

Maybe so,but the game looks good and runs good.Maybe they laid the ground rules for a better Mad Max game in the future. I think people like the game though and I think it's good start for Mad Max.

Grap1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

what are you talking about? Avalanche games has two studios the one that is working on Just Cause 3 is different than the ones made this game. so i don't see the connection here?
So stop spamming this page with your nonsense.

NewMonday1140d ago


that explains it then, the B team interns did Mad Max and the main guys do Just Cause3, did they tell that to WB when they got the job to do the IP?

Foehammer1139d ago

First off; congrats to the developer for achieving a solid performance, especially on the X1, which DF says has the performance and visual edge.

Good to see developers have success mastering their tools.

Are we going to see numerous comments from you after Crackdown comes out; by that I mean will you question every developer if they don't utilize cloud compute for added destruction, volumetric effects, and increased AI and NPCs?

NewMonday1138d ago


umm.. even MS first party doesn't use the cloud for world state CPU calculations like that, its not practical, Crackdown3 is just a proof of concept project only, look at the graphics they are worse than even last gen standards

second, X1 servers are an outside separate service that is not free, if it was free all 3rd party games would use them instead of paying for their own servers on X1. if they were free X1 owners should be angry if 3rd party doesn't use them.

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avengers19781140d ago

At what point in this comparison video can you actually say one version is any better than the other. Both suffer very minor frame rate drops 1-2 frames in certain areas, but mostly stay at a stable 30 FPS. Avalanche did a good job releasing a solid game for either platform.

NewMonday1140d ago

Avalanche did a good job on the X1 version yes, but a bad job on the PS4 version.

Vegamyster1140d ago


Bad because the they said the Xone is very slightly better despite both looking great and can hold a solid FPS for the most part? If you want to see a bad job check out RE:R2:

NewMonday1140d ago


everyone at game is saying my same point, the response every-time is only "good enough"

"Another disappointing title for PS4 where the extra power is not fully utilized"

"Feeling like with several ports, the optimisation is going on XB1, and then they're relying on brute force with the PS4 version so it's good enough"

"No efforts by the developer to take advantage of each platform's strenght = no buy"

"Maybe they created 1 version and just ported it, maybe they did not spend much time optimising, as a consumer thats not my problem and not really my business. Mad max is competing with MGS5, a 10/10 game running flawless 1080p60 open world on Ps4, and Mad Max is asking for the same money of me. lol"

Vegamyster1140d ago

It really isn't a big deal.

"for now the Xbox One game nudges slightly ahead in performance terms, though in practice there's really not much to separate the two versions at all, with both serving up an excellent experience."

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MasterCornholio1140d ago

The performance is good enough to say that both run at a locked 30FPS. They did a great job on both systems.

vikingland11140d ago

I agree. This studio used some sort of magic or something because the game's not broken and runs good j/k. They did a good job.

NewMonday1140d ago

that magic is called "lowest common denominator"

MasterCornholio1140d ago

Putting aside the negative reviews of the game you have to give them some credit for producing a game that runs well at launch. If only more developers would do the same.

Mind you I'm just talking about the games performance.

n4rc1140d ago


nothing better to do on a saturday?

davemyrose921140d ago

Has anyone played this game and can tell me if its any good, between teraway and mgs5 this has been lower on my radar but may pick it up 6 months from now, maybe during the dry gaming months

Immorals1140d ago

I'm absolutely loving the game.

It's not perfect, but it's good, carefree fun!

bf0007779661140d ago

Sony should really give away the seventh core for the devs

Minute Man 7211140d ago

In due time most games will be 1080p & 60 fps

pelenow1140d ago

This bodes well for Just Cause 3!

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