Gamespot: Dungeon Runners Review

Fantasy is so cliche. At least, that's what the developer of Dungeon Runners would have us believe. In this online role-playing game, genre standards are alternately mocked and embraced, and you'll experience a few snort-out-loud moments thanks to the game's snappy dialogue and humorous approach to item naming. Not only are those Jarring Unclear Crystal Gauntlets of the Unrivaled Beetle useful for absorbing damage, but they're a not-so-subtle parody of RPG mainstays (and by extension, RPG players themselves). And the merchant that sells you some of those wares? She'll send you off to squeeze mutant puker juice out of the local monsters, which is fortified with electrolytes and, like any good energy drink, is extreme.

The Good:
* Witty dialogue and equipment names
* Combat is enjoyable for a few hours
* Open-ended class system.

The Bad:
* Some basic features are missing, and others are derivative
* There's no story or lore to keep you interested
* The combat and humor get old after a while.

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