Demon's Souls NPC stats unearthed

Dataminers have discovered the stats for NPCs in Demon's Souls.

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the-dragons-bane1202d ago

It was fun fighting along side biorr.

Here's hoping they remaster demon's souls
for the ps4.

HighResHero1201d ago

I forget whether or not it would work with the story but I would love to revisit Boletaria by way of a sequel.

TheSaint1201d ago

Came on here to say that, PS4 remaster please From!

Loktai1202d ago

And again this term datamining. It doesn't mean filtering through packed data files of a program. Datamining is completely different. Sigh.

Fro_xoxo1201d ago

The best souls game still..

I feel some type of way just thinking about my time spent with Demon's souls :)

Perjoss1201d ago

Every time i see the words Demon's Souls the Nexus theme plays in my head :)

tulholdren1201d ago

Yup still best one. PS4 remaster lets do it