The Nintendo Difference

No company frustrates the soothsayers quite as much as Nintendo. Across the land, divining rods are being snapped, crystal balls are being smashed and tea leaves are being stamped on in fury - as the firm whose death has been predicted countless times reveals itself once again to be in rude good health and ready to take on the world...

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PS360WII4329d ago

this is a must read. It's a good point on how many times people have said Nintendo is going to "pull a Sega" then eat those words later ^^

andy capps4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Yeah it's a good read. I don't think Nintendo will leave the hardware business to pursue software (like Sega) in the foreseeable future. Even if the Wii tanks in the next few years, it's an inexpensive system that even if they don't dominate the market, they are still making money on each hardware unit sold. They also have the DS, which is flying off the shelves, to keep them afloat.

jacen10004329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

yea nintendo is gonna come out top in all departments sooner or later they are generating substantial profits from the Wii and Ds and both are proving to be massive hits with the next gen gaming styles touch screen and motion sensor i cannot believe the interest the Wii has generated myself the mote and nunchuck is for sure the way forward for console gaming it is what console gaming has been missing, the days when u used to realy gag for the new console release were realy not happening anymore when it comes to graphics, because people can see good graphics easy at home with the development of more powerfull pc hardware so this kinda subtracted from the buzz u got when buying a new console , but when it comes to the Wii this is what has been brought back in my view the buzz again of something new and different and wandering will it be any good , will it work the way u interpret it u cant wait to get ur hands onnit it because its totally different than what gaming has been like in the past and it has changed the way u play games for the better, so then we go back to the graphics part that can be easily resolved the main fundimental point is that gaming has changed for the better.

HRP4329d ago

This article is highly recommended.

quantae064328d ago

That was a good article, and I believe that Nintendo is here to stay. Nintendo has learned alot throughout the years.

MicroGamer4327d ago

are the future. If the next MS or Sony systems have them, I won't be buying any game console. The 360 controller is perfect for me.

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