IGN: Space Chimps DS Review

IGN writes: "Space Chimps had two things working against it before I even put it into my DS. 1) It's based off a summer CG movie named "Space Chimps." And 2) It has nothing to do with the great and completely obscure TV show "Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys." Hence it was a with a heavy heart that I switched on the DS; expecting another mindless movie cash-in title that will be played once and then thrown into the dark game vaults of IGN. However, much to my surprise, Space Chimps is actually a solid platformer that is held back by a few baffling design choices and its overall short length.

The premise of Space Chimps is as simple as they come. Ham III (the descendant of Ham I and Ham II apparently) is a circus chimp that is recruited by NASA to find a lost probe that got sucked into a pesky wormhole (wormholes always cause trouble). Ham is joined by the obligatory female chimp love interest, Luna, and their commander, Titan. They crash land on an alien planet, find out that the aliens (who look like failed Dr. Seuss experiments) are being subjugated by a slightly angrier looking alien who is using the NASA probe as a race-enslaving war machine of death. You also fight an evil clown made of clouds. Who knew?"

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