GameSpy: Saints Row 2 Preview

GameSpy writes: "Saints Row was undeniably a big hit when it released two years ago. It satisfied the thirst for an open-world experience that GTA4 wouldn't be able to deliver upon for at least another 18 months. Taking the "bigger is better" approach, Volition is chugging along with its gang-themed sequel, which comes out in October. At E3, we got a look at its online co-op. A few days ago, we got our first hands-on with the PS3 version, and for the most part, it's exactly what you'd expect from a Saints Row sequel.

When we dropped into THQ's demo, we got a look at gang tags and customization. We dressed our gang as ninjas. You'll have quite a few options for the tag that you want your compatriots to throw around Stilwater. In addition to tags, you can customize your gang taunts with a variety of crass gestures that resemble the sorts of moves seen in the SmackDown! games, only with teabagging and the "Dumper" replacing crotch chops and menacing finger-pointing."

-Volition is taking the "bigger, better, and more badass" approach

-So far, we believe the "bigger" part; we're not 100% sold on the rest yet

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Turbo Teddy4317d ago

Am I the only one who finds its a bit funny that its the PS3-version previewed on the Xbox 360 section of the site :P