Game Revolution: Top Spin 3 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Would it be strange if I told you that your fellow RPG-loving, rhythm-thumping reviewer also follows tennis? I'm not hardcore or anything, but enough so that I was floored when Rafael Nadal ended Roger Federer's five-year reign as the king of Wimbledon in an epic match that went into a fifth-set tiebreak and hailed as one of the best finals ever. It was jam-packed with unbelievable slices, crowd-gasping mistakes, aggressive near- or on-the-line winners, and just plain ridiculous shots from ridiculous angles with ridiculous precision. Fans who began the match rooting for their favorites ended up roaring, cheering, and gasping over every point because they were getting their money's worth.

Top Spin 3 tries to serve up an experience as close to that as possible by putting a realistic spin on the usual pick-up-and-play approach on tennis, or what I like to call "Life-sized Pong". Like the Virtua Tennis series, it forces players to pay attention to the timing of the swing, the placement of the ball, and the variety of shots without getting so overly technical that it bogs down the action. Its no-frills, no-nonsense style safely fits within its simulation scheme. However, it doesn't capture the spirit of tennis as thoroughly as it could have."

+ Tennis in its most fundamental form
+ Solid swing mechanics
+ Realistic graphics and fluid animations
+ Approachable by anyone

- Lackluster audience
- Attribute cap
- Incomplete character roster
- Where\'s Wimbledon?

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