Game Revolution: Spectral Force 3 Review

Game Revolution writes: "A good game soundtrack exudes emotion, letting you know exactly what you're stepping into. Halo 3? Epic sci-fi. Silent Hill? Retinal shanking horror. Spectral Force 3? Tactical-RPG with J-pop Vikings, or something like that. In ten minutes, I heard power metal, anime themes, and at one point, possibly "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" ala CCR. It's almost as if the composer grabbed random songs off his iPod, switched a few notes, and called it a day.

The graphics only fare marginally better. The 3D characters look like their static, cut-scene counterparts, but everything appears more suited to a Xbox Live Arcade title. Something is wrong when you can probably use the harsh angles of a supple princess' face for a protractor. Considering that this is Spectral Force's first appearance stateside, where Idea Factory's reputation in the genre induces confused shrugs, the lackluster presentation is a little surprising and very misleading."

+ Nearly full character customization
+ Strategically engaging combat
+ Choose your destiny
+ Huge cast
- XP issues
- Too ugly for public

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