Rocket League - Next Update Coming Soon

Upcoming Rocket league update will feature a music player interface allowing you to cycle through the game’s music. Players on PC will also be able to filter out PS4 players out of their match search.

The 1.05 update will also add the “Find New Match” option to the Ranked endgame screen.

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MrsNesbitt1882d ago

Haha filter out ps4 players! I love rocket league such a great mulitplayer game!

Skellytorx1882d ago

I downloaded it at the weekend. Still have to play it!

Vitalogy1882d ago

So let me get this straight. They made a game with cross platform play - which I praise - and then they launch an update that destroys that purpose o.O

1381882d ago

You've been able to filter out PC players in the PS4 version since launch, if I remember correctly. The default setting is to connect with everyone.

Last_Boss1882d ago

I didn't know p.c could play ps4 players? Plus the music in this game is nice.

Hulksmash11882d ago

You can't at the moment - maybe one day. They just appear in the same matchmaking pool.

ChronoJoe1882d ago

What? if they appear in the same matchmaking pool, then you can play with them. You just can't party up with them.

They've not been optimistic that you will ever be able to, either, but have said they are working on allowing PC and PS4 players to join the same private lobbies via password.

Skellytorx1882d ago

I'm guessing you mean playing with a mate? You have to queue at the same time and hope you get in a match together. Pretty sure I've read in forums they're working on a play with friends on cross-platform.

Link2DaFutcha1882d ago

You can play with PC &PS4 players by creating a private match and joining that, played with my buddy this weekend. It was great.

Last_Boss1881d ago

That's awesome. So can you add them on your friends list?

DJHarv1882d ago

Just today I was complaining about the music to a friend. Just not my kinda tunes.

Simco8761882d ago

Fire up Spotify and play your own tunes during the game. Not like you need to hear any dialog

JordB941882d ago

thank god glad to hear there's now a filter system in place

ChronoJoe1882d ago

Why did it matter if there wasn't? It's not like PS4 players could be cheating or anything like that...

Skellytorx1882d ago

It's something PC users requested apparently according to RL tweets. If PS4 players have been able to since release, why not allow that for PC users too?

ChronoJoe1882d ago

It does make sense, but I just wonder why people would request it. It really wouldn't make a difference to them.

Cheating is possible on RL, on PC, but not on PS4. So if anything, playing with PS4 players is better, as there's no chance they could be cheating.

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