FF VII Advent Children PS3 Bundle coming March 09

Square Enix has announced that there will be a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete PS3 bundle that will release in March, 2009.

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Dark vader3820d ago

Very nice, i see this selling like hotcakes in japan.

Mystery_Person3820d ago

PS3 sales will go through the roof in japan.... you know... the 2 people left that don't have a PS3 will finally get one.

B-Rein3820d ago

FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE Blu Ray, i heard that comes with the ff13 demo so i think thats included in that package

in other word even more sales!

mikeslemonade3819d ago

This is a good idea when they bundle this with the lower end sku.

Poor Xbots3820d ago

Poor Xbots, only on PS3,the perfect bluray movie

ice_prophecy3820d ago

Tidal wave of Final Fantasy info... geez.

I am getting worn out hahaha!

dktxx23820d ago

It's obvious that Sony and Square still have a good relationship. FF13 multi didn't change that it seems.

Darkiewonder3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

nope. I think Microsoft didn't think it through seeing as sony usually 1up them. and this is how they do it <3 but i wonder really what microsoft is thinking now ;D

mistertwoturbo3820d ago

Well, at the Microsoft E3 press event. You can see the douche bag Don Mattrick give a two thumbs up at some random person when FFXIII was announced.

He has that look like "Yes, we've won the console wars."

It's sad to see they are more proud of getting a multiplatform title, than their own exclusive games.

Come on MS. Everybody wanted to see Bungie's new project too.

Gregory House3820d ago

Cloud Strife returns to the Playstation once more to destroy the Xbox360.

NoxiousD3820d ago

Greg, that was classic, but it seems all it takes is a guy with an overly huge sword and spiky hair to kick master chiefs ass all around local gamestops, ebgames and gamecrazy's everywhere

pwnsause3820d ago

i actually want to see that happen if they announce "it"

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The story is too old to be commented.