Forza Motorsport 6 - Demo Gameplay Footage

Check out several new gameplay videos of the freshly released Forza Motorsport 6 XBL Demo, Night Racing, Rain, Indycar, & more after the jump.

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LifeInNZ1328d ago

Looks fantastic! I gave Project Cars a miss because of the framerate issues and I'm glad I did. Forza 6 is easily the best in the franchise to date!

dantesparda1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

The cutscenes and videos look like they are 30fps. The game looks just like Forza 5 and FH2 except just a tiny bit better. And the AA is either weak/ineffective or there just isn't any AA at all, the AF is also very low. But overall its not a bad looking game.

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raggy-rocket1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Playing the demo now, the music is beautiful and the gameplay is great

wheeler011329d ago

I have just been playing the demo, and to me, the acceleration seems off. When I let go of the right trigger, the car seems to have a delay to the acceleration stopping. Overshooting corners etc because of it. Hope that isn't a bug or if is, it gets sorted on day of release!!

81BX1328d ago

Try adjusting the settings in the menu. I had to do that for the steering i practically didnt have to do crap

badboyz091328d ago

He shouldn't have to adjust anything!

81BX1328d ago

The demo starts with most assists on. Then goes into a race. You can change them there.... i don't see the issue. It's how the devs chose to make the demo. On a side note i hope the Raiders stay in oak. Thats my team. Carr looks promising i hope he really shines this yr.

Mrveryodd1328d ago

All the help is turned on by default .... i turned it all off and its so much better . This is a great game, well done (again)turn10.

Jazzuri1328d ago

Didnt experience any such problems....?

It might be your input lag on your display.

A true 60fps game would only accentuate the problem.

Look into your tv settings and/or specs. Anything over 30ms is not good.

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The story is too old to be commented.