4 Lessons for Gears 4

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was a faithful recreation of the original, but it also showed its age in certain places. Luke Lohr over at Xbox Enthusiast considers four things Gears 4 can learn from Ultimate Edition's mistakes.


The title has been changed to "4 Lessons from Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Gears 4"

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urwifeminder1330d ago

A new mode called meat grinder , always like how the rag dolls interact in the previous games it would be cool having two teams facing off in a horde mode corridor with a meat grinder at either end, team mates shoot and walk the meat into the grinder most mince wins by tonnage.

spicelicka1330d ago

loll that's actually a cool idea

spicelicka1330d ago

They need to take the mystery and horror of Gears 1, the epicness and scale of Gears 2, and the pacing of gears 3, and find a way to mesh those things.

InsipidGhost1330d ago

Agreed. That'd be an awesome recipe for Gears 4.

Soldierone1330d ago

Disagree with the first one. while Gears is a little over the top, I think they should stick in that direction. Keep making things over the top, and throw in more humor.

Sorry, but these "serious" games are getting so boring these days. We don't need another typical "world is doomed, everything is bleak bla bla" game. I mean really? If anything just embrace that your fans are older so that means you can do more adult humor.

I agree with the AI issue though. That got annoying fast. "Flank them!" *entire team dies in the open and flanking is no longer an option*

InsipidGhost1330d ago

I think the horror elements stick more to the series roots. The game was built on that with RE4 and the like as inspiration. That magic was lost as it went through to 3, even if the games were excellent.

Soldierone1329d ago

Honestly don't get a horror feeling from it at all. I get they put those scenes in it, but I see it as a sci-fi adventure more than anything.

Same thing happened with Resistance on PlayStation.

ScorpiusX1330d ago

They only need to do one thing and that is make a great game .

Eldyraen1330d ago

Allow custom, openly joinable matches--as you would think it would had been a no brainier for UE since the original had it.