Destructoid Review: Eternity's Child (1/10)

Destructiod writes: "I really, really hate doing header text for reviews, and Eternity's Child isn't making my job any easier. Where do you start? Talking about the game's complex history over many potential platforms? Talk about the game's creator, Luc Bernard, whose skill at self-promotion has put his work firmly in the public eye for one reason or another? How the game fits in amongst indie gaming in general?"

Final Verdict: 1.0 (Practically unplayable. An exercise in absolute madness.)

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stormymctard3820d ago

oh wow another wii game that scores low

ChickeyCantor3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Wii-ware, and a game not made by a big company...more of a small company.

From this point on people will say Wii has no games, its all casual etc etc. Forgetting the upcomming games that look more than decent.


edit: did anyone notice that this this review is about the PC version?

Zerodin3820d ago

"NOTE: A patch has been released since the time of writing, which may or may not fix these problems."
Then why not patch the review?

ENNO3820d ago

its like the Wii has become a fashion acessory...I mean everyone wants one, and if it continues to sell like this with so many of its games scoring low and all its AAA titles out right now, and nothing new or exciting lined up, its just gonna be known as a shovel ware console!

ape0073820d ago

it's official

the wii has the most crappy games ever

nintendo just break the record

ChickeyCantor3820d ago

now we wait if the Wiiware title is as worse if not more worse than the PC version.

Viktor E3820d ago

WiiWare games are scoring like full Xbox 360 games.

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The story is too old to be commented.