Buzz Trophies to hit before Uncharted? writes:"Dan_relentless, part of the development team for Buzz has spoken on the Official European Playstation Forums. Dan basically said that he aims to launch Trophies for Buzz before Uncharted. He didn't specify a date but 'hopes to beat Uncharted'.

"We've had a couple of last minute bugs, and some tweaks to do. When trophies become involved you have start ensuring that cheating is prevented, or at least made harder, so there've been a few things like that that have slowed things down.

There are downsides to being one of the first Blu-Rays with trophies going through QA, lots of new rules and tests, and we've included online as well, so it's double complicated.

So no dates, but we still hope to beat Uncharted…""

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