Mad Max review: wasted land (polygon)

Mad Max is competent at everything that it does. It has all the elements you'd expect from a game based on the franchise — violent combat, intense vehicular chases and battles and a grim world where everything that can go wrong will. It checks all the boxes for a modern open-world game too, from a sprawling 30-hour campaign to a giant map littered with hundreds of sidequests and bonus objectives.

Yet there's a feeling that pervaded my time with Mad Max, a sense of everything in the game being ... okay. The films that developer Avalanche Studios are ostensibly drawing from are driven by ambition. They build visions of a world shaped by off-the-wall absurdity and chaos. This Mad Max, by comparison, feels safe and, frankly, boring.

GreetingsfromCanada3241d ago

"After the progressive characterization of this summer's excellent Mad Max: Fury Road, the game's treatment of its few women is especially disappointing. The closest thing Mad Max has to a female lead, a woman not coincidentally named Hope, is a concubine for the villain and a love interest for Max. Her sole purpose in the plot is to make the bad guys more evil and provide motivation for the hero to fight. She's a damsel in distress stereotype, and it's more disheartening after having seen such a great example of the opposite in theaters just a few months ago."

Jesus, not again.

Dee_913241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Haven't played the game, didn't read the review, but I was 100% certain polygon would find a woman to victimize, or victimize women in general.

Can't do anything but shake your head at this point. When will they understand that a game is not some sort of political statement? At this point, making strong female leads will feel incredibly corny and try hard, thanks to these fools that can't keep politics out of entertainment.. I can't enjoy a female lead now, because all i'm gonna be thinking is, "did they do this just to appease whiny politically correct progressives?"
Heres an idea, how about not critique developers that express freedom of creativity because women aren't portrayed how YOU believe they should be, and focus on and praise the ones that do appease your needs.

GreetingsfromCanada3241d ago

I just expect it for every AAA game review from Polygon. They have a have a really narrow, lame view of what gaming should be.

slappy5083241d ago

"they really have a narrow viewpoint of what gaming should be"
The way I see it is that the damsel in distress trope has long been a cliche in games by now. If this was a now and then thing it would be okay, so I think developers should get called out on it.

Also they marked the game down for being repetive boring and clunky controls (from their viewpoint) so it's not like the reviewer said "ooh game has sexist connations in it, -5 points

Dee_913241d ago

There's a difference between telling a developer to be more creative with storytelling, and implying that the developers are sexist. The "sexist connotations " was a negative and thus it impacted the score. Unless a game is explicitly and purposefully displaying a certain sex in a degrading manner, then it would be fine for sexism to count against a score.
I completely agree that the damsel in distress is a boring cliche now only on the basis that it's a cliche, nothing more. I, like most gamers encourage developers to make more creative plots, but I wouldn't go as far to say the developers are sexist.

slappy5083240d ago

Well you say you haven't read the review. If you read through it you will see that the game has a whole bunch of issues, the gender issue is highlited in a small paragraph what seems like it's an after thought.
Also gender stereotyping is sexist so the reviewer is not wrong, whether it was intentional or not from the developers, doesn't matter. And also they have every right to point out gender issues like this in their review just like any other reviewer can point out racial stereotyping.
I find it intersting that people want to only focus on the small issue raised by the reviewer yet they ignore all his other points he raised about the game

Dee_913240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

How can you try to downplay an accusation of sexism as an after thought? Sexism is not something to be taken likely, you people throw that word around like its nothing. I don't care if it was one sentence, accusing someone of being sexist is a serious accusation.

Displaying stereotypical traits of a gender is not prejudice or discriminatory in anyway shape or form, no matter how much you people keep telling yourself it is. This is just your excuse to call any, and everybody sexist for being a human, for displaying human traits such as prejudging based on appearances.

Who said they don't have a right? I have the right to also call them out on their idiocy of trying to force political views into gaming. I never implied they don't have any rights to do so, I just stated that it's incredibly stupid.

We are focusing on that point because that's the point we are focusing on, the rest of the review is irrelevant to our discussion.

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3-4-53241d ago

Some people have no shame.

2cents3241d ago


Well Done Polygon, you have just lost all credibility getting a feminist to review Mad Max.

I just don't have the words to explain how ridiculous this is.

spicelicka3240d ago

Hey let's ignore the million other problems in this FICTIONAL world and focus on sexism.

I honestly find this more accurate and consistent with the fictional game world.

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Am-No-Hero3241d ago

stupids reviews , thank god I'm not interested in them and I play my games without relying on them , I dont know why many people relying on these things , I mean he is a person like you and his opinion will not be the same as urs for sure . I liked games that got low score and Hated games that got high score such as Evolve if anyone ask me .

reviews not completely right , they are not gods so we take their reviews for real . Sorry for all of that but thats how i feel about them

mudakoshaka3241d ago

Started playing a couple of minutes after release...and looked amazing immediately. The menu was enough for me to be convinced that this is a great game. And it is amazing so far...get this game, don't care about the bad reviews. And while I was playing, I remembered the trailer where you have different choices of performing a mission, and that is great! And just driving around in a beautiful wasteland with great background sounds is a game by itself (with all these indies these days). So add awesome action, great combat fighting and the story of Max.

Just buy it!

user99502793241d ago

i was only going to consider this game if the reception was exceptional. I knew the chanc es were slim to none. oh well.

objdadon3241d ago

You will miss out on many good games with that outlook, trust me. I used to be the same way until a friend convinced me to try a couple of these games that got not so good reviews and I enjoyed them. Never trusted reviews again except for my own.

Yetter3241d ago

There are just so many great games on the horizon for this holiday, its understandable to want to save your money on the ones that really stand out, and hold off on the mediocre titles. I'm really interested in this game too but I think I'm just gonna have to wait for it to go on sale and support avalanche with my Just Cause 3 purchase

user99502793240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Probably. Cant play all games that are "good", when I know there are lots of "great" games I need to buy. $70 for a stepping stone doesn't seem necessary to me, considering I'm still playing a lot of the games I own.

Still havent bothered with Arkham Night, MGSV, Bloodborne, and a ton of other games I would easily buy before this. Just dont have the time, or desire to buy any game thats even remotely worth playing. I'm a gamer, not a collector.

Spotie3235d ago

At this point, I'd take the word of random gamers around the world over reviewers.

BuildTheWall3241d ago

Why do people even trust review scores?

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Sorry George Miller, but you’re wrong about the Mad Max game

George Miller expressed dismay toward the 2015 Mad Max game recently, but Avalanche Studios' take on the lore is still so good to this day.

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lelo2play51d ago

Mad Max is a good game... George Miller should STFU.

Old_Scout50d ago

He didn't say it wasn't good. Maybe you should take your own advice and look past the articles misleading headline. Here's the actual quote. “wasn’t as good as we wanted it to, it wasn’t in our hands.” That is all he said about it.

S2Killinit50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

In my opinion the guy himself Is pretty mediocre, so I dont like how he talks as if he’s something special. I dont think he would know a good game if it hit him in the face.

StormSnooper50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If George Miller had good taste he wouldn’t be wearing those ridiculous glasses.

-Foxtrot51d ago

I think the funny thing is if Kojima made a Mad Max game it would be so trippy and "out there" I don't think it would feel like Mad Max by the time he's done with it. This is why he's better off with original new IPs.

Kojima seems like a buzz word these film directors use because he's probably the only big name they've heard from the gaming industry.

Wretchedstain51d ago

Article is correct in my opinion, Miller is wrong. That Death Stranding II trailer is bonkers, looking forward to that in itself.

And I agree, unless Mr Kojima wants to change his tune, or laughably, be told what to do, you're right, it wouldn't be Mad Max or close.

porkChop51d ago

Yup, Kojima really doesn't suit Mad Max. Avalanche did a great job though. It looked, felt, and played like what I'd expect from a Mad Max game. I really enjoyed my time with it, and the sand storms were handled incredibly well.

jznrpg50d ago

I think Kojima could definitely make a great Mad Max game.

SubtilizZer50d ago

I disagree… I don’t want to see Kojima do Mad Max or whatever… But I disagree with your take. Kojima is first a huge fan of film. I think saying he wouldn’t be able to stick to the lore of the world that was built is kinda crazy.

I’m sure he would be able to stick to the creative confines of the source material fairly well. Chances are he’s a huge fan.

I’m sure he’s a bit of a”buzzword” sure but I’m willing to bet it’s mutual respect for his work as well.