Geek Review: Civilization Revolution

Geek Writes: "I had not played a Civilization title in ages, so I had almost forgotten what to expect from it. As such, the first few hours with this title were something of a frustrated mess, attempting to remember all the aspects and nuances of the game. Luckily for newcomers to the franchise or genre, or those like me who haven't played it in a while, there is a great tutorial found in the easiest setting of the game, as well as a helpful (albeit intimidatingly dense) Civilopedia database within the game that explains all facets of it.

Within a few hours, the dynamics of the gameplay start to become clear. Depending on your strategy for victory (domination through military, culture, technology, or economy) the linearity of the paths become clear, and the simplicity of combat is revealed. On lower difficulty levels, one can mess around and play very organically, but in multiplayer and higher single-player difficulties the strategy the player applies must be increasingly cutthroat and streamlined to have a prayer of working."

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