Atari 2600 Q*Bert Improved to be More like Arcade Version

Carl Williams writes, "The Atari 2600 sure did try to be the arcade in your home, and for a while it was. The problem is, as time went on things improved in the arcade such as the hardware and challenge provided to the gamer. Gamers wanted more challenge, more colors, more sounds and the poor Atari 2600 just couldn’t keep up, as evidenced by many of the later arcade ports (go ahead, just pick one and see). One such title that was quite a bit of trouble to get on the Atari 2600 was Q*Bert, the Atari 2600 just didn’t have the graphical capability to do diagonal, isometric, style graphics quite right- it still doesn’t. This hack is not improving the graphics all that much, instead it focuses on other parts of the game."

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