Gears of War Judgment was nearly the Dark Souls of the series

GamesRadar Staff: Ahh, the humble spin-off. The proverbial and opulant risk for a successful series hoping to branch out into pastures new (just take a look at Battlefield Hardline and Yakuza Dead Souls for two very different examples of said risks). Back in 2013, Gears of War Judgment such roll of the dice. Co-created between Epic Games and People 'Bulletstorm we love you, where's our sequel' Can Fly, the prequel changed up the classic GoW formula by breaking the game up into smaller sections and adding in an arcade-style scoring system. Thankfully it didn't bomb, it wasn't received as favourably as previous entries. However, the game's unique flavour was actually intended to be even more 'out there' than the final product.

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