Fallout 4 - Is 400+ Hours Too Much Gameplay

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "2015 is passing us by very quickly, it’s quite a scary thought but on the same foot it brings us closer and closer to huge title releases.

Fallout 4 is due for release in November, and there has been a saturation of breaking news, feature reveals and gameplay since its announcement.

One piece of news that has really resonated with me, is the fact that Fallout 4 will have 400+ hours of gameplay."

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1noobgamer1514d ago

Cant wait for the new Fallout!!!!

Bigpappy1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

No such thing as too much gameplay. That is a myth.

TFJWM1514d ago

If the main story was 400+ hours I'd say its too much but other then that you can never have too much gameplay

Deadlead1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

There can be if the content is just a bunch of filler missions or extremely repetitive, that's why the Assassin's Creed games bore me to death. Thankfully I highly doubt that'll be an issue with FO4.

Necr0philiac1513d ago

Sadly the main story will probably be only 40 hours.

Automatic791514d ago

I believe 400 hours is a good investment if you have that kind of time to play. As a husband, father and a professional in my career it would be to much for me. However, this game definitely will give us something to enjoy for the holiday after the rush of titles and for January and February.

Yukes1514d ago

I know how you feel, but I guess the idea is that you certainly don't have to play it for that long to reach the end of the main storyline and have a sense of closure.

My concern is more that the size of the game world is so huge and there's so much going on that'll become a haven for game-breaking bugs. Nobody wants a repeat of Skyrim on the PS3...

thorstein1514d ago

Certainly. However, now that Value is part of review scores, this must get near a 10 since the dollar per game play hour is very cheap.

That's the way reviewers wanted to play this game this generation, so that is they way they must play it.

Of course, it means that review scores will be as meaningless as ever. I predict (based on the value criteria) No Man's Sky must have a score higher than the actual threshold (ie 34213/5) since it will cost .00000002 of a cent per year for completion.

darren_poolies1514d ago

"However, now that Value is part of review scores, this must get near a 10 since the dollar per game play hour is very cheap."

Well no, not if it's 400 hours of crap.

thorstein1512d ago


Value is a separate part of the score from quality as both Ryse and the Order 1886 shows us. Value: the dollar per hour of playtime is an important factor from now on.

Therefore the very reviewers that trashed those games for low Value must also include dollars per hour of playtime into their final scores.

That is the way they wanted to play it this generation.

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lipton1011514d ago

Same here! And I don't think most people will get "400 hours" out of it. I think the 400 mark is how long it would take for a person to do everything in the game / secure a platinum. I won't play it for 400 hours, probably more along 100-120 max by the time I'll get sick of it, but that much gameplay and content is seriously amazing. Everyone should be able to play the game how they like it with their own specific play style. Which is certainly diggable.

fattyuk1514d ago

i spent near on 700 hours just on f03 on my ps3, even after doing everything more than once, it got the point of where i went around just collecting lunchboxes or teddybears and making abig pile of them in a certain place

if 400+ hours is true ill be all over that and then some.

oh and then dlc further down the line!

Professor_K1514d ago

more like 400 hrs speed running

it takes me millenias to finish Bethesda games.

1noobgamer1514d ago

Bethesda is amazing at doing things like that. I don't think anyone will EVER complete Elder Scrolls! I literally think it's impossible!

garrettbobbyferguson1514d ago


"I literally think it's impossible"

Taking into consideration SKyrim, it's definitely not impossible. The main questline is finished very quickly. Less than 8 hours. Toss in the major side quests and then you have a couple more hours added on. Especially with how short they are. Getting to be head of the assassins guild takes an hour at most if you're lucky. Now are we taking into consideration the pointless fetch small items-esque quests that litter the game? Sure, I guess you'll never finish it then.

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DarkOcelet1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Nope, its not. Next Question...

MrsNesbitt1514d ago

Thanks for your comment :)

ravinash1514d ago

Thank you...have a nice day ;-)

Neixus1514d ago

If it's 400 -Required- hours to beat the story mode, it's not okay.

Imagine all the people who can only play games like 2-3 hours a week.

raWfodog1514d ago

I personally disagree. I am a perfect example of someone who does not have that much time to game due to 'real' life (family, work, etc) and I would not care if a game took 400+ hours to get through the main story. I love the immersion and the escape that my games provide me and I think the longer the better :)

However, I doubt the game will take that long to finish for some. A lot of people just like to blow through games as fast as they can.

FullmetalRoyale1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

How does that make Fallout 4 too long? It could still take that person weeks to complete The Evil Within. That doesn't suddenly make TEW too long. Not playing a game as often as I can won't make them enjoy a game less than me, if anything they'll just enjoy it for longer.

Highlife1514d ago

I just hope the quality is there. I had problems with Skyrim on ps3 fallout and a game ending bug on oblivion. If there are no bugs or at least no major ones then I'm fine with 400 hours

TheBrit1514d ago

wwwaaahhh this games single player mode is only 5 hours long, wwwaaahhh this games single player mode is 400 hours long - eat the middle porridge

At least you get a game that costs $60 and will give you endless entertainment opposed to some of the crap that gets released that you can beat in a day - I know what game I would rather have.

ravinash1514d ago

I understand where your coming from.
I would like to complete the story, but I don't want to spend the next 2 years trying to do it and miss out on all the other game that come out in that time.

Don't get me wrong, I still want the story to last a long time (provided it's good).

For anyone who wants to spend the next year of their life in the Fallout universe, there will be plenty of side missions.

pinkcrocodile751514d ago

400+ hours? - Bob-on!!! This will be yet another game that I never finish. Excellent!!

@Neixus You should refocus you selflessness to third world countries or a worthwhile charity.

@TheBrit LMAO +Bubble, I love the Goldilocks analogy... perfect

lipton1011514d ago

Dude a solid 400 hour story mode would be epic. 400 hours to me = 70 hours story mode, 330 hours filler / side content. A true 400 hour story mode with fresh content throughout would be amazing. A true adventure that would take the average player months, or even years to finish as its a journey more than a game after a certain point

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TwoForce1514d ago

Well, i'm going die with this game😵

1noobgamer1514d ago

You couldn't be more right. Next question, can anyone EVER complete a Bethesda game, I mean actually finish it, get every bit done? It's impossible I tell you!

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Yukes1514d ago

It is an incredible figure, and whilst I am excited for Fallout 4 no doubt, I do worry about Bethesda's record with bugs and glitches. Is the quality going to be stretched too thinly over 400+ hours?

Skellytorx1514d ago

Just means less of a social life. But it's Fallout so it's worth it!

yellowgerbil1514d ago

400hrs is 400hrs too short. Guess I'll just have to play it as both a man and a woman... problem solved

MrsNesbitt1514d ago

Nice! I like that thinking. Thanks for your comment