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Xeodrifter seems like it’s trying to replicate so many other games that it fails to stand on its own. The monotony of the level design and the repetitiveness of the enemy encounters does little to spice things up. There’s very little here that hasn’t been done better elsewhere, and while I love homages to classic games, this is one that just doesn’t hit its mark.

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ruefrak2054d ago

What a shame. I thought Mutant Mudds was ok, but I had hopes that Xeodrifter was going to be an improvement. I guess not. It got a lot of good reviews though when it came out on the 3DS.

Maybe I'll just fire up Metroid on the VC and give that a play instead.

MilkMan2053d ago

How could the exact game garner so many kudos on 3ds but smell like crap on the big bro consoles?

ruefrak2053d ago

Maybe the standards are lower on the 3DS? Who knows. But PS+ subscribers will get to decide for themselves next week. The more let's plays I watch of this, the less excited I am.

TheLoCoRaven2053d ago

This is the one that Brian Altano from IGN did some of the music and is listed in the credits.