NIS And Rising Star Games To Release Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut - Classified Edition

NIS America partners with Rising Star Games to release Deadly Premonition Limited Edition bundle.

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KingofGambling1153d ago

I hope there's a sequel to this cult classic.

dead_pixels1153d ago

You and me both. Hokey or not, this game gave me more enjoyment than the vast majority of games released last generation.

DarkBlood1153d ago

i believe there is going to be a sequel just under a different name, no idea what the status of the game is on though.

DarkBlood1153d ago

looks like im buying this game for the 4th time lol

dead_pixels1153d ago

I'm right there with you! :)

DarkBlood1153d ago

yeah i have the 360 version, ps3 and pc and soon to be ps3 copy special edition.

its just one of those type of games i'll buy again just like i am going to do with the resident evil 2 remake

Pozzle1152d ago

Me too! This might sound crazy, but Deadly Premonition was one of my favorite games of last-gen.