Metal Gear Solid: Best Moments

The entire Metal Gear franchise has more than a handful of moments that are utterly brilliant and amazing. Barely scraping the surface of all the best moments, here is a snippet of what moments stand out the most.

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jon_snow1152d ago

My personal best moment was final battle between solid snake and liquid ocelot in metal gear 4. Perfect way to end Solid snake story line. To this day remains my favorite metal gear title.

ritchi451152d ago

Agreed. The end of Solid Snakes story was pretty much perfect.

TrollityTroll1152d ago

It's the build up through the microwave corridor that makes it all the more poignant

Epicor1152d ago

Mgs1: Psycho Mantis
Mgs2: Opening scene
Mgs3: The End and The Boss fights
Mgs4: Ending scene