Funcom release teaser for single-player horror experience The Park

Dealspwn: "Funcom are primarily known for their online experiences such as Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, and The Secret World, but today they have released a teaser trailer for a brand new single player experience. The Park, which according to Red Thread Games' Ragnar Tornquist is planted in The Secret World universe, looks to feature a character named Lorraine and "the most terrifying nightmare of her life" at a theme park. The images shown in the teaser should look rather familiar to players of The Secret World, especially for visitors of The Savage Coast. You can judge for yourself by hitting the jump."

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bggriffiths1153d ago

This looks like something to keep an eye on. Also, Funcom, can you get Secret World on PS4 already!

TheImprobableMulk1153d ago

Consider my interest piqued, as the universe for The Secret World has so much scope and potential for stories. Hopefully Ragnar Tornquist will be involved in some manner, although he's probably busy sorting out Dreamfall Chapters and Draugen.