Building a PC fit for Mad Max

Mad Max is gearing up to be one of the hit triple A titles rolling out in a notoriously barren summer release window. Of course it makes sense for a game about murderous psychos driving beastly tricked-out muscle cars across a barren desert to release during the proverbial wasteland of summer gaming.

Mad Max looks like it's going to be a killer, but luckily for the PC gaming community the recommended specs are hardly as scary as the psychopaths running around the wastes. GameCrate rigged up a Magnum Opus PC build guide to help you bash, harpoon, and burn your way through anything that life or gaming might throw at you.

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Pixelart1514d ago

What a lame article and even lamer build

crazychris41241513d ago

Build does suck and you can do alot better for less money. This is why you have to do a ton of research and ask alot of questions on forums when it comes to PC builds. Dont just take 1 author's advice on a build. Remember when I was building mine, I asked for some advice and people were able to find better parts for less money that fit my needs.

Krew_921513d ago

1.5k to play Mad Max? Yeah nope.

slappy5081513d ago

I have a decent rig for mad max, but seeing as it's published by WB games I'm not so confident it will be a great port. Will be getting it on consoles

crazychris41241513d ago

Shadow of Mordor was a great PC port unlike MX9 and the Arkham Knight disasters. Avalanche Studios did a great job with Just Cause 2 so Im sure this game and JC3 will be fine.

slappy5081513d ago

You probably right. It's usually best to wait for reviews and user feedback before buying it.

kma2k1513d ago

articles like this are why some people stay away from pc gaming. As a pc gamer seriously just list the specs, & offer a good better best not a $1500 only option!

majedx91513d ago

Building a PC for Mad Max
Building a PC for batman arkham knight
Building a PC for GTA V
Building a PC for MGS V
how many times i have to reBuild my PC ?

Genova841513d ago

I've been on an 18 month cycle for GPUs and 3 year cycle for everything else (that needs it). Certainly you don't even need to upgrade that often.

NicSage1513d ago

I'm still using my GTX 660ti and running most games 60fps, even GTA V.

Witcher 3 struggles, 30-50fps.

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