Is Hearthstone: The Grand Tournament Worth Your Time?

The Grand Tournament expansion, which just launched, adds a delightful 132 new cards to the mix. Are they worth grinding and paying for? Find out if the new expansion is worth your time.

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mmoron1153d ago

I opened 62 packs yesterday... zero legendaries. :(

soulpopped1153d ago

I don't know anything about Hearthstone, but I love opening packs. Will I like this game? Or should I stick to Madden? #MaddenSeason

Spikeantestor1153d ago

Because its so difficult to know where the meta will go, I'd say the question should rather be, "is Hearthstone worth your time." Because, if it is, The Grand Tournement (and Goblins V.S. Gnomes, and both Adventures) would certainly be.

SirBradders1153d ago

Definitely not pay to win you can earn everything through the game might take a while but you can.

il-JumperMT1152d ago

Can I pay to get advantage over someone who doesn't?
If yes it is pay to win. IDC if you can unlock by playing for years. You pay to gain advantage

SirBradders1152d ago

But your not gaining an advantage your gaining what you can get through playing by buying for example if I was to play someone since launch but pay money for packs they still win because they know what they doing and already have what I have.

The definition of pay to win is acquiring something that isn't earned through normal gameplay that give you an advantage. Get it right.