Top 10 Most Memorable Intros in Gaming

The best games have a strong beginning, middle, and end, but the introduction is the selling point. So CheatCC is counting down ten of gamers favorites that make people want to keep reloading the title screen!

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Relientk773255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Final Fantasy VIII

Pozzle3254d ago

Final Fantasy VIII's intro still wows me to this day. It's so well made and choreographed (is 'choreographed' the right word for CGI scenes?) and the music is amazing.

3254d ago
AndrewLB3254d ago

Mass Effect 2 had one of the greatest openings in video game history. Absolutely incredible.

AtomHeart6233255d ago

One of my favorite openings to a game was the intro cutscene at the beginning of soul reaver!


30 Years Later, Final Fantasy 6 is a Perfect Time Capsule for the Franchise

Looking back at Final Fantasy 6 on its 30th anniversary provides a snapshot of one of gaming's most important franchises at a pivotal turning point.

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Spenok110d ago

Still the best in the series.


Final Fantasy I Pixel Remaster – Step Back in Time

Gary Green said: It’s interesting to revisit the roots of your favorite franchises to see first-hand what’s changed and what’s stuck around all these years, though perhaps ‘visit’ would be more accurate than ‘revisit’ since apparently, Europe wasn’t worthy of the original six Final Fantasy games the first time around. By the time we started getting ports of these iconic games, we’d already been through the PSOne JRPG golden age. So we’d already seen the best of what Final Fantasy had to offer, while these predecessors looked outdated, unrefined, and (dare I say it) ugly. We aren’t bitter about the delayed releases, honest…

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shinoff2183111d ago

I'd love to but square said fk you to the ps fanbase that wanted these physically. Meanwhile switch got a physical release.

Asplundh111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I'd buy it for the Switch but a NA copy runs for $800.