Top 10 Most Memorable Intros in Gaming

The best games have a strong beginning, middle, and end, but the introduction is the selling point. So CheatCC is counting down ten of gamers favorites that make people want to keep reloading the title screen!

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Relientk771203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Final Fantasy VIII

Pozzle1202d ago

Final Fantasy VIII's intro still wows me to this day. It's so well made and choreographed (is 'choreographed' the right word for CGI scenes?) and the music is amazing.

1202d ago
AndrewLB1202d ago

Mass Effect 2 had one of the greatest openings in video game history. Absolutely incredible.

AtomHeart6231203d ago

One of my favorite openings to a game was the intro cutscene at the beginning of soul reaver!