Pure Hold ‘Em Review {Critically Sane}

Critically Sane reviews the new Texas Hold'em game from VooFoo Studios, Pure Hold 'Em.

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ironcrow23861203d ago

Either spend 40£ buying this game or a quid on an actual deck of cards?? Decisions decisions :)

Frinker1203d ago

And a table (average £40) and poker chips (£5) overall the game is cheaper

uth111203d ago

c'mon, how can you screw up poker this bad?

Angeljuice1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

They haven't, the game is very good (and its only £15 not $40).

I've played the PS4 version and haven't experienced any of these problems.

parentsbasement1203d ago

too many hold em games on facebook for free...don't see the point here really ...

poppinslops1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Does anyone know if Red Dead Redemption's poker is available in the multiplayer?

'cos that's still the best videogame version of Hold 'em that I've ever seen... Watch_Dogs has an okay version, but it lacks Red Dead's personality.

coolbeans1203d ago

I'm still confident the 360 servers of RDR are still up but seemed to be terribly bugged (rallying up with posse after invites, friends not being in your game world, etc.)